Dick Clark’s closing in but…there’s still time

by Joy Donovan on December 28, 2008

Let me push back from the fudge, and tell you about my new year’s resolution.

It’s a shocking thought, but I’m thinking I’ll resolve to lose some weight. I know, I know. Surprising, isn’t it?

And if I were a smoker, I’m sure I’d resolve to quit, but luckily I don’t have to make that promise since I don’t have that nasty little habit.

Both are yawners, not exactly going to raise an eyebrow around the water cooler.

I do have a few more ideas about what I could do to improve myself in 2009. Just a couple of ideas I’ve been mulling over while the bowl games drone on…

One, because there’s no love lost between the year 2008 and myself, I resolve to sign the correct date, with the 9 replacing the number 8, at a much quicker clip than I did last year. There. Goodbye 2008, a year that definitely has NOT been my fave. Good riddance of a bad year.

I think I’ll try to be a better listener. I think I’ll learn at least one new technical skill, such as how to upload photos to Web sites in a more efficient manner or maybe I’ll get really good at self-checkout at the grocery store. Maybe I’ll try to keep my closet a little neater and refrain from kicking off one pair of heels, changing into another and running out the door. You know, actually put them on the shelf before I change into the second pair, something like that.

Maybe you have a good idea. Assume losing weight and stopping smoking are givens…what would be a good new year’s resolution? Dick Clark’s not on TV for a couple of days yet. Still time before resolutions are official…

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6 Responses to “Dick Clark’s closing in but…there’s still time”

  1. Jo Ann Holt Caussey

    Besides my perennial resolve to lose weight (ha) I also resolve to keep in closer touch with friends and family (especially since it’s so easy to do now thanks to the Internet, Facebook, etc.) Also to try to be more organized…sigh.
    Best wishes for your new blog/website!
    Jo Ann

  2. TracyParisnen

    I have enjoyed reading your website and blogs, I have made it a daily routine to check out your website, facebook & emails in that order!
    As for your New years resolution, mine is to make sure that the people I love and care about know it and to make an impact that people will remember once I have left this earth. I am hoping that my pain is less this year although I know that is a long shot at not going to happen. I wish that next year brings health, wealth & prosperity to everyone and comfort to others who have lost so much this year.
    Happy New Year to All and many fun filled days and smiles all around! Remember to tell the ones you love each day that you love them and never go to bed mad or angry, life is too short to worry about some things and slow down and look out the window or go for a walk and just look around and smell the air!

  3. Meg

    Hi Momma! My resolution is to not talk to any boys who throw rocks! :) hahah

  4. Julie

    Oh Meg that is a good resoluntion and I will adopt it too!

  5. Joy Donovan

    Speaking of Dick Clark…it’s as traditional as black-eyed peas for him to be on TV on New Year’s Eve, but doesn’t it pain you to watch him struggle?

  6. Shelley

    Hi Joy,

    Love your new site—and your hot pink high heel logo(reminds me of the Met and our mother-daughter trip!!!)

    My resolution this year is to become friends with at least one person in a different generation. I’m talking about real friendship, not just as a friend of my parents or a friend of my daughters. She (I’m guessing it will be a she) can be a friend of our family, but I really want to cross age lines this year.

    Could it be that I want to feel better about my crows feet and sagging body parts? Or, that I want to make sure that at least one young person knows me for who I am now, not for who I was when I was younger? Either way, no excuses, I’m on the hunt for a young or older friend. I’ve already targeted an 80-something at the knitting shop—I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

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