Top 1 Reason Dave Would Get Married?

by Joy Donovan on March 26, 2009

Go ahead. Call me old-fashioned. You won’t be the first, and you most likely won’t be the last.

Traditional about lots of normal stuff…I only wear white shoes after Easter. I write thank-you notes by hand, not email, and it’s eating away at me that I owe two people notes at this very moment. I believe the young man should meet the parents before he takes my daughter on a date. I wear dresses to skirts to church, and my husband wears a suit and tie. Things like that.

So some things in 2009 just baffle me.

Take for instance TV comedian David Letterman. He announced on his show this week that he and his girlfriend (womanfriend? partner? baby mama?) got married. He and Regina Lasko, his girfriend of 23 years (!) and the mother of his 5-year-old son, became Mr. and Mrs.  last Thursday in Montana.

Congrats and best wishes.

But why now? Couldn’t be that we were waiting for one of them to get a good job and build a substantial financial nest egg since Letterman’s been a network fixture for decades. Couldn’t be the impending birth of a child since that happened more than five years ago. Couldn’t be the thought of a personal medical crisis, since the comedian went through a very public heart bypass operation before the child was born. Couldn’t be that the bride was planning a lavish ceremony since they road by truck to the courthouse.

It’s their business, and Dave certainly owes me no explanation. I just am curious as to this modern thinking and am trying to understand. Who can reveal this mystery to me? I don’t even need a Top 10 list. One good reason will help.

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2 Responses to “Top 1 Reason Dave Would Get Married?”

  1. Diane Gatzke

    I think it’s because little Harry is now five years old and learning about the ways of the world, i.e. why are mommy and daddy not married? At long last, they’re trying to set a good example for the kid. Better late than never. And I’m sure Dave’s mom has been giving them noise about it for years. Midwesterners like moral clarity.

  2. Debbie Barber

    I echo the previous comment, could be the questions coming from his curious 5 year old son! What child at 5 years of age is not curious, and want to know all about mommy and daddy! Call me old fashioned, too……..It is about time DAVE!

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