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A Truly Royal Invitation from Women’s Shelter

by Larre Green on April 22, 2009

Rarely is cheap cialis online there ever an opportunity for anyone in the DFW area to have an audience with Royalty.  Fortunately for us, On Friday, May 8th, beginning at 11am in the Landmark Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel at Reunion, the Genesis Women’s Shelter is offering that rare opportunity by welcoming Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan as the keynote speaker for their 16th annual Genesis Mother’s Day Luncheon titled “Peace on Earth Begins at Home.”

Born Lisa Najeeb Halaby, this former Princeton Graduate became the first American-born queen of an Arab country. She took the name Noor al-Hussein or “Light of Hussein” when she married His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan in 1978 in a traditional Islamic ceremony at the Zaharan Palace.  

In addition to serving as an international humanitarian activist and outspoken voice on issues of world peace and justice, Queen Noor chairs the King Hussein Foundation (NHF) and the King Hussein Foundation International (KHFI) founded in 1999 after the passing of her husband, to promote and build on King Hussein’s humanitarian vision and legacy in Jordan and abroad. 

 ”Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan’s passion for peace throughout the world is a wonderful tie-in to Genesis Women’s Shelter’s work toward peace and safety for families at home,” said Jan Langbein, Genesis Women’s Shelter Executive Director and immediate past Senior Policy Advisor to the Director of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).  “We are so grateful for the support of this community which enables us to provide safety, shelter and services to thousands of area women and children in need.” 

Queen Noor remains close to her four children she had with King Hussein: Prince Hamzah, born in 1980; Prince Hashim, born in 1981; Princess Iman, born in 1983; and Princess Raiyah, born in 1986. 

“Genesis Women’s Shelter is anticipating a sellout with such a rare appearance by someone so respected for her work across the globe,” said luncheon co-chairs Joan Eleazer and her daughter Layne Pitzer.  “We strongly encourage individuals and corporations to reserve their tables early.”

 Honorary Co-Chairs for the event are Ruth Altshuler and her daughter Susan Sharp.

Underwriting opportunities begin at $1,500 for a table of 10.  Individual tickets are $150.  For more information on underwriting opportunities please contact Kristen Howell, Director of Development at 214-389-7703 or  The luncheon is sponsored by NBC 5, KXAS-TV.


Since its founding in 1985, Genesis Women’s Shelter has been committed to providing quality safety and shelter to battered women and their children through crisis intervention and short-term crisis therapeutics and to reducing the occurrence of violence against women and children in the greater Dallas area.  Genesis also seeks to raise the level of community awareness regarding the pervasiveness and effects of domestic violence. The organization serves more than 700 residential clients and 1,000 non-resident clients through the Outreach office each year.  More information can be found by visiting or by calling the office at 214-389-7700 or the hotline at 214-946-HELP.

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Spend Earth Day with The Guide Girls

by Joy Donovan on

Happy Earth Day!

Want to put some humor in your celebration? Right now, while you’re sitting in front of the computer, check out The Guide Girls, Maxine and Winnie, at These two eco-chicks are in need of a beauty makeover and a little charm school, but they’ve got it figured out from a green point of view. Their Web site doles out eco-friendly info with a few laughs on the side.

The Web site features tips on how to save water in the loo and how to compost, and it’s recieving international attention.

It’s seriously funny.

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Big Taste of Fort Worth

by Joy Donovan on April 21, 2009

Date: 2009-04-26

Location: Hilton Fort Worth Hotel, 815 Main Street

Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

Description: This 30th annual culinary extravaganza benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters\’ youth mentoring programs. $85 per person.

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Tattoo Barbie? What’s next, Barbie on the pole?

by Larre Green on

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter received a birthday party invitation from one of her friends.  Needless to say, this wasn’t the first birthday invitation she has received so I knew where I was going to be heading when she and I left to run our daily errands. 

Yep, it was off to the toy department to find just the right item she would present to her special friend at this auspicious occasion.   Oh yes, there is nothing more fun than taking a child to a toy department and explaining that we are buying something for someone else and how (for the hundredth time) we are not buying something for them!

OK… so to perfectly honest, denying her a toy isn’t really the big problem at my house, a challenge, yes, but not really a huge problem.  The real problem is deciding amongst all of the fun items, toys and dolls, which one the particular birthday friend would enjoy.  Knowing that this toy search is going to entail picking up each item in each isle, looking it over, then for at least a half hour putting them back down before saying, “no, that not something she would like,” I do try to suggest some of my favorites.  For little boys, race cars, sports stuff and anything generally messy is always a hit; while for little girls, dolls, anything princess, ponies and horses and my all time favorite, Barbie can always be counted on to bring about the coveted phrase “Look what I got”. 

Yes, I must admit, I have always been a huge Barbie fan.  No, not because I had them as a child (yah, you know you were thinking that!) but because, well hey; let’s face it, who lives a better life than Barbie?  Since her introduction in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair, Barbie has lived a lifestyle that few of us could even dream of. 

Forget real estate problems; Barbie has a penthouse, a townhouse, a Malibu Beach House and of course the famous Dream House, just to name a few, to which none, by the way, have ever come with a mortgage.   And let’s not forget her wardrobe!  With designers such as Calvin, Cartier, Gucci, Galliano, Versace and Vera Wang falling over each other to make sure Barbie looks styling when she walks out her door and gets inside one of her many high dollar sports cars.   Barbie never worries about being caught in bad fashion.   But I digress…

So as I am perusing the “Barbie” isle looking at all of the amazing items that Barbie has to insure her incredible lifestyle, you can only imagine how shocked I was to see that now, Barbie has added tattoos to her list of necessary accessories.  Yes, you read this right.  On the shelf, next to the swimming Barbie sits Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie in all her…well…glory.   Tattoo Barbie?  Is this one of Barbie’s friends who just got out on parole?

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that a person’s choice of art, whether on the body or in the home, is their own personal choice but as a marketable item for young girls?  ICK! 

OK, I know, these are just “temporary” tattoos but again, now that Barbie is wearing them, I can only worry that the Tongue Ring Barbie, Pierced Nose and Lip Ring Barbie or the Whips and Chains Barbie are just around the corner. 

Maybe it is a sign of the times, but the only sign I am seeing is the one hanging over the door of the Psychiatrics’ office that I will be visiting after my daughter comes home with a permanent inked piece of art on her body.  (And following my psychiatric tune-up, I’ll be visiting the travel agency where I will be booking a one-way ticket for my daughter to attend a lovely French boarding school!)

I realize that there will come a time, (oh, maybe when she is around 30) that I will no longer be able to influence my daughter but while she is still at the age where she plays with dolls, is it too much to ask that her dolls not look like something pre-rehab! 

Just my opinion…………………..

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Walking Across Egypt

by Joy Donovan on April 20, 2009

Start Date: 2009-04-17

Location: Artisan Center Theater, 420 E. Pipeline Road

End Date: 2009-05-09
URL: Click here
Description: Funny and touching play about an elderly woman\’s attempt to reform a juvenile delinquent. 817-284-1200.

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4th Annual Metroport Meals on Wheels Fall Fashion Show and Shopping Bazaar

by Joy Donovan on

Date: 2009-09-25

Location: Marriott Solana

Start Time: 9:00 am
Description: Benefit for Metroport Meals on Wheels. Shopping begins at 9 a.m., fashion show begins at 11 a.m. Tickets $75, and tables $750. Contact Karen Malone 817-491-1141.

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Is it wrong to want to give out Fashion Citations in Church?

by Larre Green on April 17, 2009

Last week, like many of you, my family and I got all gussied up and headed off to Easter church services.   Granted, this was a religious holiday, so for me, this is one of those special occasions  that causes one to elevate their choice of clothing just a bit higher than the normal bar.  Unfortunately, I must be in the minority! When I walked into church I was startled to find what can only be described as a “new dress code”. Apparently, my belief that dressing up for Easter Sunday has basically gone down the same path as the old 8-track tapes did.

Now let me first say, I am not a lover of this new “casual” dress code that has somehow worked its way into our society.  I personally feel that when it comes to a house of worship, the theatre or even when a person goes out to eat at a nice restaurant, jeans and shorts are just not acceptable.  So, based on my belief… it isn’t too hard to see how I would be a bit taken back to see young adults showing up to Easter services in jeans, sweat suits, shorts and flip flops. 

Let me also go on the record as saying, I in no way believe that unless you are dressed up, you shouldn’t attend your personal house of worship (sorry kids, no easy out on this one).  However, I do believe that when you are attending a place to honor and hear the word of God, honoring God means giving of your best.  And if jeans and a clean t-shirt are your best, then by all means get your butt in that pew!  But if you are just being lazy, don’t want to make the effort or feel that no one should dictate to you how to dress…then for you folks, I say, please show some respect when entering your house of worship and put on some proper clothes!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as if anyone was dressed in rags.  Actually, nobody was.  In one case, Mom and Dad were dressed nicely, and the young adults that were with them (clearly their kids) were clean-cut and dressed in jeans and cargo shorts with t-shirts tucked in.  In other words, the picture I am trying to paint here is that their choice of apparel wasn’t due to lack of dollars but rather a lack of caring.  Instead of putting on a nice skirt and top, or a suit coat and slacks, they just reached into their closet and pulled out their regular clothing.

Personally, I know several of these young adults and have seen many of them out on dates (at the same restaurant I was having dinner with my family at) and they were dressed in pressed shirts and nice pants (picture kakis type pants) or a great dress, trendy top and skirt or a great pair of pants.  My question to all of them is…Why would you get all dressed up to impress a girl or boy, but not dress up to attend your house of worship, especially during an important religious holiday?

I can’t comment on whether or not their Mom and Dad have decided that what the kids wear is their choice, and if they have succumbed to the beliefs that, “if it was clean and doesn’t have holes or offensive impressions on it, don’t fight it.”   However I can comment by saying that, although this may not seem like such a big deal, you need to show respect for the house of worship and the God that you are worshiping. That means have respect for where you are and the people surrounding you.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to look their best when seated in a house of worship that is packed to the walls with people?  Of any time of the year, Easter is the time to see and be seen when it comes to church! Wouldn’t you want to look your best?

Of course, this is just my opinion……….

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Cook Up Your Own Reality

by Joy Donovan on April 16, 2009

The planning committee for The Triple Crown Affair is comprised of, from left, Lee Koch, Michelle Sager, chairwoman Lizann Cundall, Jacqueline Siegel, Jan Grondahl, Janet Smith, Patty Williams and Peggy Firestone.

The planning committee for The Triple Crown Affair is comprised of, from left, Lee Koch, Michelle Sager, chairwoman Lizann Cundall, Jacqueline Siegel, Jan Grondahl, Janet Smith, Patty Williams and Peggy Firestone.

For those of you who love those chop-it-up, high-drama kitchen and cooking shows, I’m here to tell you how you can live your fantasy.

The chance to be king or queen of the kitchen, supervised by a renown chef will come at The Triple Crown Affair, slated for May 16 at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie.

Yes, four couples can star in their own version of gourmet reality when you buy a time in the kitchen with Chef Ty Thoren of The Gaylord Texan Resort. On the auction block at The Triple Crown Affair will be an opportunity for an evening of Kobe beef and lobster. The cuisine will be paired with perfect wines, of course, and then served in an intimate wine tasting room.

The one-of-a-kind evening will be professionally photographed and bound in a book so the bragging can last for years.

To bid, you’ll need a ticket to the Triple Crown Affair. It will be held on the same day as the famed Preakness Stakes, one of three events in horse racing’s “Triple Crown.”

Tickets for the event, a fundraiser for Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains (, cost $150 per person and can be purchased by contact Lee Koch at 817-735-5313.

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Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament

by Joy Donovan on

Date: 2009-09-22

Location: Trophy Club Country Club

Start Time: 11:00 am
Description: Annual golf tournament benefiting chamber programs. Contact Kathy Welch at 817-488-7148.

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Music, Food Highlight City Slickers

by Joy Donovan on

Lots of music, even more food and tables full of auction items are all in the mix for City Slickers, the annual fundraiser hosted by the Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s event, benefiting chamber programs, is set for 5 to 9 p.m. April 26 at Grapevine Convention Center. Tickets are $15 each and are available at the chamber office at 6700 Colleyville Blvd.

The Grapevine Opry and The Jet Poets will provide this year’s entertainment, and food samplings will run from pizza to Mexican fare to desserts. Among the auction items will be gourmet dinner at local restaurants, teeth whitening, wine tastings, music lessons, spa services and hotel packages.

Chairing the annual event are the trio of Carlene Altom, Kathryn Bradford and Shelby Carroll.

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