Eating a piece of fried chicken will NOT give you diabetes! So don’t blame Paula Deen!

by Larre Green on January 19, 2012

Just recently on one of the major television news shows Paula Deen revealed that she now has Type 2 Diabetes and has known for the past three years.

Well faster than you can say “start with butter,”  many of her  critics have jumped on board chastising Ms. Deen for having shared with the pubic recipes that they deem too high in fat and calories after she knew that she had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Now I am not going to argue how many calories are too many calories but I am going to say that if you believe that eating one piece of fried chicken will give you Diabetes, please consult your doctor…and I am talking about the type of doctor that will lay you down on a couch!

Sadly, if you decided to fry the entire the entire chicken farm and consume it, or if your daily diet consisted high in fat and caloric meals, you probably are putting your health in jeopardy.  We are talking about moderation and common sense people.

I remember a popular phrase when I was growing up was “The devil made me do it!”  That always was followed up by a laugh.  In my opinion, that same laughter is what applies here.

If I ever hear “I am fat because Paula Deen showed me how to make homemade cookies,” I think I am going to have to toss mine!  Paula Deen’s recipes may be high in fat and calories but the choice to consume unhealthy amounts is our decision!

Always remember, one finger pointing out and someone has three fingers pointing right back at you!  Think about it!

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