When did a Child’s birthday party become a full blown affair?

by Larre Green on April 22, 2012

Recently my daughter has attended several birthday parties for her friends.  And in each case, they have been basically blow outs.

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 They have been held either at venues with bowling or skating or even arts and crafts.  Now mind you, I am just as guilty as all these other parents, I have thrown her parties always somewhere else, in other words, outside of my home.  I have always used the excuse, at least my home isn’t being destroyed and I didn’t have to clean up.  But I guess because there have been so many recently, this got me to thinking…when did we stop having the fun, home, party games type birthday parties?

I remember when I was throwing my daughters first real birthday party (you know, the ones they can actually remember).  Being new at this, I reached out to one of the other parents from her school for advice.  I was given several themes (yes, themes!) for ideas and told to be sure not to forget the parting goodie bags for each child.  First of all, I get the theme idea that actually was helpful with decorating and the cake.  But the goodie-bag thing totally threw me.  I can understand giving goodie bags to sponsors at a fundraiser but “parting gifts” for a child’s birthday?  Really?  Isn’t the parting gift the fact that I just paid for this party!

Now before anyone thinks I am just being cheap here, think about this.  By the time you purchase the bags and stuff that goes in them, each bag can end up costing 4 to 5 bucks.  And that may seem like no big deal, until you invite 20 to 25 kids…then it really can add up!

However, just for the record, if you haven’t guessed, I did fall in line.  Each party has been as special as the last and each one has had goodie-bags!

Oh well, at least as the host, I could prepared my own personal goodie bag…it had wine bottles!

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