This was accompanied with the Air France branded noise cancelling headphones. They’re kind of like cozy loungers. We were situated in the bulkhead of the plane which gave us even more extra leg room. Now, when I put the foam ear pads on the headphones, I noticed they looked pretty worn. I keep saying I”m going to fly 1st for our next overseas trip, but can’t stomach paying double. There was also a full bottle of water in our stow-away pocket. This website contains some affiliate links. For passengers seeking a bit more in the way of space and comfort, the Air France premium economy product on the 787 is sound. First let … Nice! The sauce for the chicken had some good flavor and in premium economy you get real glassware and silverware, so that’s a nice touch. Final impressions of Air France Premium Economy. Anything is better than swill U.S. airlines whereby hustling for buck is everything. Your email address will not be published. One check happened at the line-up for the check-in desks. Your email address will not be published. Rachelle is the founder of and was named one of USA Today's 10Best Food and Travel Bloggers. Another document chec… Plus, it was her birthday so I didn’t mind the splurge. We also had a pretty big selection for beverages including an aperitif, champagne, wine, beer, liqueurs, and soft drinks. Air France Premium Economy Review. Air France Premium Economy Review. As many as 68 people — 38 in premium economy plus the 30 coach seats — shared those two bathrooms. The inside of the bag was cute too, branded with vintage Air France photos. As someone who flies most months I’ve become accustomed to each form of air travel. The amenity kit included a cute bag, socks, eye mask, earplugs, new foam ear pads for the headphones,  and toothbrush and tooth paste. The seat product got a refresh in 2013, and Air France recently unveiled slightly different design that will be rolled out on its A330 fleet. This was a big aircraft with hundreds of passengers. However this site will receive a small commission which goes towards the annual costs of running this site. Air France flies it with 208 seats; 40 in business class, 21 in premium economy and 147 in economy. Flying Blue is a transfer partner of all three of the major transferrable currencies: Citi ThankYou points, Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ult… On land, I’m a one or two glass of wine kind of girl. I’ve included highlights of the amenities below as well as un-retouched photos from my iPhone so that you can see for yourself exactly what the upgrade for Air France Premium Economy includes. Taxes an… Since we were in the bulkhead, we had a small leather pouch to hold our things, and we placed our smaller carry on in the overhead bin for take-off and landing. There were long line-ups for security getting into the terminal, huge line-ups for checking-in to various Kenya Airways flights, long line-ups at customs, and then the biggest line-ups were found at pre-flight security heading towards the gates. Shortly after dinner, the flight crew gave us a cone filled with Fauchon sweets including chocolate, caramels, nougat, and calissons. As on all A380s, the cabin was extremely quiet, and having a private mini-cabin was nice. Thanks for flying Air France Premium Economy. In addition, customers will progressively discover a new colour scheme and additional products and services to improve the travel experience on all the airline's long-haul flights. Thank you. Equipped with a large and relaxing seat, the Premium Economy seat gives you 40% more space compared to the Economy cabin as well as multiple storage areas. Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and, compared to standard Economy, offers about 5-7 inches of extra legroom as … It also features an impressive 130 degree recline within a fixed shell, plus adjustable … Click here for the lowest available Air France fares.When you arrive at the airport you will notice the difference, since during the whole trip you have Priority treatment, which means that you can access the rows especially determined for it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. « Tropical Rum Cocktails Inspired by the Dominican Republic. The seat reclines within a fixed area to ensure your personal space and comfort for all. I still sanitized them myself anyway. Perfect for my, At the end of the flight we were even given a passing gift, a little tube of goodies. First let me start of by saying that I've never been on AF economy, but have traveled economy many times on other airlines.This review will not convince anyone to bump down from business class, however it may sway a few people who normally travel coach who are looking to upgrade their experience without breaking the bank. Air Travel - Review of Air France Premium Economy - As previously promised, here's my review of our recent travel on Air France's Premium Economy. Generous legroom was complemented by gracious service and a more than decent meal. Air france premium economy I could count about 10- may be there’re some more- I am unable to identify as I haven’t flown in their economy class. This, apparently, is total prime-time for flying. Since we were booking these flights at the last minute — only a week before I needed to be in Germany — we didn’t get the best rate. I guess flying out on vacation is a great time to celebrate with multiple drinks. Pin it! After one of my worst ever flights last year on Air France's A330-200 last year, I tried the same aircraft again but this time in Premium Economy. Answer 31 of 153: Plenty of legroom and width, but very uncomfortable for sleeping. Overall, on Transatlantic flights, I’d say the upgrade to premium economy on Air France is definitely worth it. Each time I logged into the, The boarding process at Paris Charles De Gaulle was certainly crowded. Thankfully due to my frequent flyer status I was able to join the Sky Priority lane and board first with the, What are the features of a seat in Premium Economy with Air France, There was a touch screen TV in front of me which appeared to have the full and extensive range of films and entertainment you’d find in Business Class. Another nice touch with Air France Premium Economy is the printed menu with upgraded meal choices. “We increased the pitch to 40 inches,” noted Bertrand in reference to the additional legroom afforded 787 Premium Economy passengers versus on the Boeing 777. First of all, here’s our seats. , Filed Under: Europe, Travel Tips Tagged With: Airline Reviews, France. This actually doubled out to provide a fairly reasonable work space. Air France’s first 787 was delivered to them on November 26th 2016. It is important to note that I booked the flight for February 14th but due to the aircraft going to tech in Cairo, the flight was operated … Continue reading "Air France Premium Economy Review" Air France Flight 639 boarding at Gate D11. I’ve been privileged to, Prior to checking in online I researched via seat guru which seats were recommended as the best seats in the cabin for my flight. With two … Row 14 kept popping up as having the best seats. I love collecting these amenity kit bags to use for organizing electronics, make-up, and other small items when I travel. Some airline carriers offer Premium Economy, a separate class of seating and service, that differs from standard Economy. I remember because we got up to go for a walk a couple of times to stretch our legs and went up the stairs. Looks awesome-so much better than pathetic american/us carriers that focus on hustling and corporate nonsense. A founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, Air France flies to about 35 destinations within France and about 170 destinations in 93 other countries. M y premium economy ticket granted me Sky Priority access, which I would also have had as Delta elite status holder. Air France has a separate SkyPriority Premium Economy check-in over Economy and priority boarding over Economy so there is a nice advantage at check-in, and before you board. KLM did not offer a premium economy product and between British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air France, Air France had the best airfare for Premium Economy. Required fields are marked *. Your purchase will help to keep this site free. We ended up booking with 62,500 Flying Blue Miles and had to pay $326 in taxes and fees, but the ticket was going for about $2,200 in cash, so we were still getting a good redemption with 3.5 cents per point.We transferred the required points from American Express Membership Rewards. Increasingly, premium economy feels like the business class of old, but without the hefty price tag. Another nice feature, a power outlet to make sure your phone or other electronics are fully charged when you land. Double decker! Wow, nearly 14 hours of flying to find out how comfortable this experience really is. Details of that experience will be featured in a separate post reviewing the lounge. Before the flight I spent some time at the Air France/KLMlounge just beside the departure gate. When it was announced that the aircraft would operate on the LHR-CDG route, I booked immediately. I think I’ve now done it, yes I’ve ticked the box for flying long haul in every class of air travel. I’m finding prices are $900-1000 more than economy. I usually bring my own eye mask since I travel so frequently, but it was nice to have an extra one. Plus, it was her birthday so I didn’t mind the splurge. In fact, Premium Economy passengers are allocated SkyPriority Zone 2 so you board the plane right after those seated in Business Class. Boarding was painless, especially as a Skyteam Elite Plus member. There is hardly any space between the chairs so you have strangers climbing over you every time they want to get up. There was a lot of variety of entertainment to watch too, but I didn’t take full advantage of it since it was an overnight flight and I wanted to get some sleep.  I always travel with those and wipe down every surface around my plane seat.). Well it is not quite the box of chocolates I received in. Log in. While the extra legroom and leg rest is definitely an upgrade from economy, personally, I’d prefer a foot rest. It felt like The seats were cozy and reclined in such a way that they’d remind you of your favorite reading chair at home and there was also a leg rest for extra support. It also depends on what airport you’re flying out of. In her spare time she enjoys running and yoga to balance out her food obsession. When I took my mom to France for the first time, which was also her first Transatlantic flight, I upgraded us to Air France Premium Economy so she’d have a comfortable experience. AirFrance A330-200. On Air France, a round trip economy airfare was approximately $1,250 between SFO and CDG and its Premium Economy was just $400 more at $1,650. That’s a fair assessment. I arrived at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at about 6:30 am on a Monday. Without a dedicated bathroom for premium economy, the mini-cabin shared two bathrooms with the economy section behind it, separated by a hard divider. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Air France Premium Economy includes Sky Priority boarding, so we had no problem finding room for our things in the overhead bin directly above our seat. The experience of flying in Premium Economy starts from before trip since you have the right to greater quantity and weight of luggage.Want to fly with them? Sounds like Premium Economy is a good compromise. When I took my mom to France for the first time, which was also her first Transatlantic flight, I upgraded us to Air France Premium Economy so she’d have a comfortable experience. Air New Zealand's premium economy seat on a Boeing 777. I find most airlines will run a deal for premium and business class when they’re trying to fill it before a flight. Okay. Very sound. The ideal way to score an award seat is through the carrier’s Flying Blue program. Your email address will not be published. Even if you aren’t an avid Air France flyer, you can transfer points into the Flying Blue program in order to secure a ticket. With less waiting and a more comforta… Want to save this post for travel planning? (Note my hand sanitizer. The ID and document checks for this flight were fairly rigorous. As everyone was getting settled into their seats, the flight crew handed out drinks and an amenity kit to each passenger. Air France Premium Economy Review Overall, the insignificant increase in the expense (approximately $200) was well worth the convenience and increased legroom. What to see more of Air France Premium Economy? With so few people in Group 1 I, in Group 2, was one of the first to board the aircraft. My Premium Economy Flight Review (2019) The flight, BA178, was a morning flight departing New York at 7:55 am and was scheduled to arrive at London Heathrow Airport at 7:45 pm. The seats do not recline, the seat back is at a fixed angle, you sort of slide down, moving your bottom forward pushing your head down into your chest. These were actually Sennheiser so not quite as exclusive as the Bose headphones I used during my, Located directly underneath the TV screen was the foldable tray table. AF Premium Economy Review. I’ve introduced plenty of the amenities below as well as un-retouched pics from my trip on Air France Premium Economy class flight so that you can see for yourself precisely what the upgrade includes. I pointed it out to the crew and they said that the paint rubs off a bit when they’re hand sanitized. Non-stop flights are available to points … Well, as good as it could be considered it’s reheated on a plane. My feet just sort of dangled off the edge (and I’m pretty short) and it made me slide down the seat when I used it, so I folded it back and just took advantage of the extra leg room and propped my feet up on my bag. Economy Vs Premium Economy: Check-in. At IFTM Top Resa, Air France is today presenting its new Economy and Premium Economy cabins, highlighting its offer of a new travel experience on board its 15 Airbus A330s which will be refitted as from January 2019. Right off the bat you can see that the pillows, blankets, and headphones were definitely bigger and nicer than what you’d get in economy. Approaching the flight I was kind of intrigued, excited and fearful. I upgraded when it got close to our flight, so the ticket was only around $1200. Air France: premium economy - See 32,111 traveler reviews, 5,384 candid photos, and great deals for Air France, at Tripadvisor. Our dinner included smoked salmon, chicken with rice pilaf and vegetables, cheese, fruit, and cake. Dinner itself was … meeeeeeh. I also love that you can order a cappuccino in addition to a regular coffee. Air France (AF) is the French flag carrier and the country's largest airline. was this an A380 (double decker plane) or a 777-300ER? Compared to our Delta flight to Europe, for which we also paid for extra legroom, Air France Premium Economy definitely provided a superior experience in-flight. Did you buy economy then upgrade tickets or purchase premium from the beginning? As I had to arrive in London for a meeting the next morning, this was the flight that matched my schedule the best. Truly hospitable, the crew seems genuinely happy to do their job. Air France flies out of JFK’s Terminal 1. Sometimes it’s harder to find a deal when you have to make a connection (as opposed to flying non-stop) as we often do when flying from Orlando. My feat was completed when I flew Premium Economy with Air France from Paris to Santiago. Premium Economy passengers do not get free lounge access (the on board video says so though) but they can buy access at … She believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors and collects recipes from her trips to recreate them here on The Travel Bite. I’d been pre-allocated to row 16. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase you will still get the best price available on the day. The equipment for this flight was an A330-200. But since these were “plane-sized” I sipped them all. Those with long travel horizons and a fair amount of flexibility can often find solid award availability for Air France’s wide-body service between Los Angeles and Tahiti. Failed country per Dr. Morris Berman. IAH Terminal D is fairly new but the gates have all the piazzas of a high school gymnasium. Overall, the slight increase in the fare (around $200) was well worth the comfort and extra legroom.
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