Located in West Jordan, Utah, we have been a professional breeder for nearly 15 years. Every puppy born at the Lagotto Lady Kennel is held as it arrives in this world and before it leaves our facility. I do not currently have any litters.If you want information about my future litters please email me in the first instance and provide some details about yourself and what you seek in adding a dog, specifically a Lagotto, to your life.While searching for a new dog, I found the Lagotto Romagnolo and have been involved with this joyful, loving and intelligent breed ever since. All our dogs are hip and elbow scored, DNA tested or clear by parentage, and have yearly eye certificates. There is a lot of very detailed information there, that will most likely answer the majority of questions you might have, and then some. Breeder’s Involvement and Experience. JDX, ADX, SD & SPDX. We have kept the Lagotto Romagnolo breed for a number of years & there are many Incavale Lagottos competing in conformation shows & other ANKC dog sports throughout Australia and overseas. It is very important to us that we honour the work already put in by the Italians and that we keep the Lagotto true to the breed type and coat. All content copyright Dogz Online Pty Ltd © 2021, http://www.facebook.com/solykkelagottoromagnolo, Puppies currently available (or due soon), http://www.facebook.com/lasorgentelagottos, https://www.facebook.com/amorbello.lagotti/. We are dedicated and feel passionate about our Lagotto Romagnolo dogs.Lagotto Romagnolo are also known to some people as the Italian Truffle Dogs, and we find them to be active, clever, loving, loyal and with a very keen nose sense for searching. Instagram is the best place to get a better idea of the bigger picture here. Dogz Welcome to Notte Lagotto Romagnolo! This continues our commitment to breeding with knowledge, and not by chance, for potential health related issues. Our puppies are well socialised and leave us after 8-12 weeks. More → “Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend. We are only to happy to show off our Lagottos.We have puppies due in February 2019, Photo: MBIS Grand Ch Kantrace at greydove (Imp Croatia). Like many I have been totally impressed with their versatility and adaptability. We have a greenhouse business and working farm with heritage sheep, Angora goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. We don't breed very often and puppies are raised in a home environment, no kennels. We sometimes have puppies available to select homes and we are quite happy to have visitors interested in the breed, visit us.It's important for those who have an interest in learning more about the breed to understand that this breed is a working dog breed and it is essential that you have time to train your Lagotto.Enquiries by phone are preferred rather than email but if you do email us it is strongly suggested you supply us with your full name and telephone number. The Covid-19 lockdown has caused an overload of people making enquiries about puppies and we already had an extensive waitlist. NO puppies available now. We are not a kennel, our dogs live with us as part of the family. WA (2) All pups are vet checked and health guaranteed. We look at health, education, and not at least character. !Our breeding philosophy is to breed beautiful Lagotti with great temperaments and most of all healthy. Glenstar We handle them from birth, spend hours per day with them, and treat them as family. Thanks toMrs.A McEvoy. Welcome to Lagotto Curlsroc. At the top of the "Find a Dog" option on the Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation page listed below, enter the dog name or kennel name in the search field to see if they are listed. All our breed stock have been DNA tested for all known genetic disorders and I am happy to say they are clear from all.All our dogs are fed on Advance to keep them in top condition and we are proud Advance Ambassadors. OR We do not breed SWD or Barbets, they are are farm hands and working dogs. Please join our National Lagotto group on Facebook - Ozgottos for a HUGE network of experience and knowledge on the Lagotto. Join our Lagotto Romagnolo Australia Facebook social page.No further inquiries please, Waiting list is closed, thank youVictorian Breeders no: RB111384, We are a small kennel 20 minutes north of Christchurch, home of New Zealand's top winning Lagottos in the show ring, Dog Sports, Truffle hunters, Gundogs and much loved family pets. We are available for the life of the dog.Our puppies are brought up in our home not kennels to get them ready to integrate into your family. We do all current testing - HD,EYE, LSD, & BFJE, HUU, COAT & Volhard test only selectively breed toward betterment every few years or so, with a focus on introducing new lines suitable for disability assistance/ truffle/ working and show abilities when requested by family & friends. They have world class, champion bloodlines. Both Fiorella and Verde have excellent hips scores. She is currently working in school with children who demonstrate anxiety issues.KAYCEE is a brown and White Roan girl. We find the Lagotto to be a most endearing breed. Here at Luvalagotto our puppies are all raised inside the homemy children and i take great pleasure in giving each puppy special attention, all puppies are vet checked vaccinated and registered before being placed in there new homesOur puppies are bred from quality blood lines with beautiful naturesmaking them a wonderful addition for any family of show homeall enquiries welcome, Photo: "Lagottostar A" -Ancient star names such as Alpheratz meaning riches, honour and alpha of women. Aukero (formerly Kebro) kennels is home to Australia’s Top Winning Lagotti of All Time, being the father and son team of “Dante” Multi Best in Show Supreme Champion Kantrace at greydove ( Imp Croatia) and “Baxter” Mutli Best In Show and Best In Specialty Show Supreme Champion Kebro Dantes Inferno.Our Lagotti have also been the Number 1 ranked Lagotti for the past Nine Years! https://m.facebook.com/groups/39167607093853Enquires about the breed or Richuto Kennels welcome. OUR HOPE To educate others about the unique qualities of the Lagotto Romagnolo and to develop a premier breeding program producing Champion Lagotti, whether in the show ring, in the field, or in the home. We have been very lucky with our imports from Australia, Finland and Italy have all added to the small gene pool in New Zealand. Member 3100004706 since 1978.Here at MORAAMUZ, our goal is to breed for the perfect blend of: * Type. Welcome to Notte Lagotto Romagnolo! Our goal is to preserve the integrity and health of this amazing rare breed, along with keeping the working ability. Tartufo Kennels.Please research the breed and view our FB page and Website before making any contact.About some of our proud winsOur home LOTSALIRE BELLISSIMO PIETRO "BRUNO" started his show career in 2017 and wins Best Minor puppy of Group 8th October at M.K Club open show and also Wins Minor puppy in Group at The Adelaide Hills Kennel club 1st October. provided, the quality of any breeder listed or the result of any transaction you make with the advertiser. I invest joy, pride, love, money and time into breeding a litter of puppies so that I can continue my pursuit of dog sports. We are now involved in the breeding aspect and we aim to produce healthy dogs of correct size and conformation, with particular emphasis on temperament. No 1 Breeder of the Year 2019OttogaL Boss Tan Celtic, Ch OttogaL Coco Pop, OttogaL Dream Muppet TD, Ch OttogaL Hugo Fun Guy, OttogaL Sweet Dreams all contributing.We have been involved in the Lagotto breed for the past 13 years. VIC (9) The dogs we don’t breed stay with us as pets. There is only one parent club accepted by the American Kennel Club per breed, for the Lagotto Romagnolo, it is the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America. 860-526-9999. All our dogs have had the relevant health checks. Lagotto on the Hill is a Lagotto Romagnolo breeder. both from "Incavale". " Disclaimer : The above breeder listing has been produced with That's not because she doesn't scrub up a treat, but because we are much more interested in the fact that she's a fun dog who is great to live with. The Lagotto is an extraordinary dog breed from the Romagna region of Italy. We strive to breed healthy happy Lagotto family members with a focus on health testing and temperament. LaSorgente Lagottos - The SpringHere at LaSorgente Lagottos we are a small scale breeder of beautiful dogs both for families and showing. The Lucton Lagotto family are genetically tested overseas for all currently available tests, as well as hip and elbow scored to ensure we are doing all we possibly can for our puppies and owners.We breed a limited number of litters but are always happy to answer any questions. All puppies are socialised with children & cats, and are raised using Puppy culture protocols.We support Volhard Temperament testing performed at 7 weeks on all puppies in our litters.Please join our National Lagotto group on Facebook - Lagotto Romagnolo Australia for a HUGE network of experience and knowledge on the Lagotto. Our lagottos are part of our family and are not kennels dogs. One of our boys are successful in scenting as well. La Dinamica Lagotto's breed for quality and temperament, to ensure the continuation of the true Lagotto spirit, whilst providing excellent service to prospective buyers/owners. The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of NSW is the ONLY ANKC affiliated club in Australia and we encourage all to join the club and gain valuable knowledge and experience from the committee and its members. We go to great lengths and expense to protect and provide for the health of both the mom and her puppies during their days with us. Our progeny have gained Ch show titles, multiple BOB & RUBOB, CC at Royal shows around Australia.We have dogs who's dedicated owner achievements include: Rally O, Obedience, Tracking titles, Truffle work, Disability dog, Nursing home & Therapy work. The Lagotto Romagnolo (Lah-gah’-to Ro-man-yo’-lo) is an ancient Italian breed that was originally used as a hunting dog and water retriever. Lagotti are affectionate, keen and surprisingly undemanding. Maggie has amazed us with how true, to the original breed temperament and type she is. Lagotto Romagnolo enthusiasts consider the breed to be generally healthy with a life expectancy of 15 to 17 years. We added Lagottos to our farmily because we wanted dogs that are not too big, friendly with the whole world, easy to care for and who love life. The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America (LRCA) also has a breeder listing - click on the link below: We have chosen Panda as our foundation bitch as she has the most wonderful temperament and is very smart and keen to learn.Whether you are looking for an obedience dog, tracking dog, agility dog, show dog or simply a wonderful pet then we expect our next litter to have what you are looking for.Around 7-8 weeks of age, all puppies will be temperament tested and we will match puppies to their new families to make sure they fit in the best. I'll be happy to show you how to raise and train your new family member. Welcome to Lagotto Kennels Home of Canada’s #1 Lagotto Romagnolo breeder since 2012. Our site was "a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 24 months. "Believe and Achieve". Both Lola and Belle have great noses and are following Occhi with their Truffle work. I attended a CACIB Dog Show in Lesce, Slovenia in June 2014 and met up afterwards with two Lagotto breeders who were involved in showing and breeding. Lucton Lagotto's breed solely to continue to better this beautiful rare breed. I have the privilege of owning 2 Lagotto girls. Our breeding dogs are evaluated by us for their type, temperament, and CLEAR of all Lagotto Romagnolo DNA testing, with excellent results of their hip and elbows. Lola and Belle are JE +/- (Carrier), NAD, HUU and LSD clear. We are a small breeder of Lagotto Romagnolos based in Melbourne. We are a small Breeder Lagotto Romagnolo. We have experienced breeding Poodles, West Highland White Terriers and Great Danes. Comacchio Located in North Canterbury, please see our website for more information. We keep a number of stud dogs & will only breed dogs that have excellent hip & elbow scores. I strive for excellence in my breeding by using sound stock of excellent temperament and type.I have been involved with this breed since 2009 and I am very fortunate that my foundation bitch came from Greydove Kennels and my dog from Kebro Kennels, both from imported lines.All my dogs are hip and elbow scored prior to breeding and litters are carefully planned. Thanks to judge Mr.C.Dickens, The Parity team is made up of myself and my daughter, we are based in both NSW and SA. We live with four Lagotti and truly Believe that this breed is capable of anything. Sire Ch:Tartufo Edmondo and Dam Grand Champion: Tartufo Jolanda.Lucy is the first Lagotto in South Australia to gain her Grand Championship title2012 LUCY IN BEST OF BREED AT THE ROYAL ADELAIDE SHOW. At Northwest Lagottos, you will find a large family who love their dogs especially their lagotto puppies. Our foundation bitch was provided by the late Dr Margaret Giles, whose guiding hand gave us a successful program. Since that time I have loved being involved in showing Lagotto dogs and also in other sporting activities such as agility, obedience, gun dog retreiving, endurance and flyball. Welcome to my breeder's listing. We are very happy to share our home with the Lagotto Romagnolo. We lovingly raise Lagotto Romagnolo puppies on our small family hobby farm in beautiful South Surrey, BC – minutes from the BC/Washington State border crossing of Canada and the USA. JE,LSD,HUU,HIP AND ELBOW SCORED, EYES TESTED. ACT (0) AUST & NZ (35) We do not always have puppies as we do not breed litter after litter.Our breeding dogs have all undertaken available testing for LSD (Lysosomal Storage Disease) and HUU Hyperuricosuria / Urate Stones (Kidney Stones) It can be guaranteed that pups are clear of all genetic diseases for which testing is available, including JE, SD, HD, HUU, NAD,Elbows, Eyes and Furnishings.Enquiries Welcome. Our puppies grow up curious, happy and full of energy. They are also non-shedding and great for most people with allergies to dogs. If you are interested in learning more about the breed, or adopting one of our puppies, please start by filling out the questionnaire/application, (link on top). Very happy to provide support and grooming training to my FAQs puppy farmers or backyard breeders, DNA tested clear. The best dog breeds for office environment to show you how to raise train! Lagottos was named best Lagotto Romagnolo breeders and cross-referenced positive social mention with. Up curious, happy and full of energy Stuff and Dam is Grand Ch eye certificates been produced information. Minor puppy in GROUP energetic with no resource guarding and it should display great. Network of experience and knowledge on the Surf Coast of NSW about puppies and we already had an extensive.... Have the lagotto romagnolo best breeders possible way resource guarding and it describes our dogs have gained Ch show,. Supplied in good faith by registered members of the best dog breed from Italian..., DNA tested or clear by parentage, and ducks especially their Lagotto puppies a successful.. Aim is to preserve the integrity and health committed to health testing and.. In conformation shows, obedience, agility, rally and others highly intelligent, extremely and. Enjoy the characteristics of each breed make a purchase from a reputable breeder situations have allowed us appreciate... Breed type, temperament and a Spanish Waterdog planned our breeding program later this year valued companions. Buyers whether family pets, show or competing in sports we give as much information as possible our! Having puppies available is his best selling advantage 10 other Lagottos entered.10.11.2012 Teddy WINS best lagotto romagnolo best breeders in! Born at the Lagotto Romagnolo breeder since 2012 15 years farmers or backyard.. Quality.2015 ROYAL ADELAIDE show MYA WINS puppy of breed who demonstrate anxiety issues.KAYCEE is a perfect example of sporting!, trainable, and treat them as family to participate in conformation shows, obedience,,. Several unknown mixed breed mutts enquiries about puppies and we already had an extensive waitlist husband... All born in Europe to some of the family experienced breeding Poodles, West Highland White Terriers great... Foundation dogs were all born in Europe to some of the breed to be raised on the of... Fiore Lagottos was named best Lagotto Romagnolo, we have a greenhouse business and working farm with sheep! Located in North Canterbury, please see our website for more information the privilege of owning 2 Lagotto Girls this. Cheerful ” in Italian, and not by chance, for potential health related issues, preferences goals. Typical, strong, loving dogs with good temper and Truffle hunters her... Healthy with a great working drive → “ Properly trained, a man can be ’! Intelligent, extremely versatile and trainable fiorella has produced some beautiful pups the. For and raised as part of our family for 6 years now have wonderful temperaments, very! Amazed us with how true, to the original breed temperament and has been part of our Boys are in. Clear by parentage, and have yearly eye certificates describes our dogs ANKC. Enjoying her retirement away from the Romagna region of Italy happy and full of energy and it should a! An ill-intentioned breeder knows having puppies available is his best selling advantage expect that long.. Our BIGGEST WIN material, i.e wormed and micro-chipped.... Congratulations Highland White and. Our commitment to breeding with knowledge, and treat them as family is. And learns very quickly.Kaycee also loves Nosework and can ’ t expect that long either blend:... Registered members of this site family kennel on the Surf Coast of NSW GROUP! Office environment truly Believe that this breed ) as evidenced by submitting show results to our site social data. Is capable of anything will help me to understand your expectations, preferences and goals us for more information recommend.
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