Direct Metals offers Traction Tread™ planks that have a moderate slip-resistant surface that is designed for maximum versatility. Galvanized steel checker plate. Anti-slip flooring. Anti-skid bridge assures pedestrian's safety with its rough surface. Expanded Metal Flooring has a high anti-slip quality used mainly in industrial and factory environment requiring safe and durable flooring surfaces. Anti-Slip Safety aluminum tread Plates are custom made and can be produced to suit any type of area that can be slippery, hazardous and dangerous i.e. White, smooth finish. Workers and visitors will have safer walking conditions indoors and out. They come in a variety of coarseness to provide superior traction from general pedestrian use through to industrial areas where heavy pneumatic tyred machinery is located. Ceiling tiles and cabinets. SlipNOT® plate stair treads are for areas where full surface coverage is required to ensure a safe walking and working surface. When Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces’ Safeplates are installed in internal or external access pathways all pedestrian traffic will be better protected. Step Covers and Treads . Ideal building materials in anti-skid flooring and covering areas. The anti-slip road plate surface is covered using an agrregate. Wooster Products Inc has continually made quality anti-slip stair treads and walkway products right here in the USA since 1921. ANTI SLIP METAL STAIR TREADS & COVERS. Non slip stair tread plate is a combination of function and aesthetics. Diamond plates adapt to various situations such as living room, factory, workshop and other places exposed to chemicals. As we all know, Among aluminium checker plate for sale, 5083, 5052 aluminum tread plate are typical anti slip aluminium plates used in boat building, with excellent corrosion resistance, weldability and processing performance advantages ! Anti-skid perforated sheet is punched through CNC machine, then formed by processing a special mold. The stair tread plates can be used to cover surfaces with holes to allow for wheelchair and high heel traffic. We supply a comprehensive range of anti-slip stair / step tread and landing covers. We uphold the principle of "Honesty comes the first, Innovation is the soul". Stair Riser Plates - quick and easy to install. Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces. If you have interest in our products and want to know more information about us, please feel free to contact us at Stainless steel material can resist alkaline, bear high temperature, remain a long service life with minimum maintenance. Checker plate, also known as chequer plate, diamond plate, tread plate and floor plate, is a type of lightweight metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side. Channel-shaped safety grating. It has many advantages including light weight, anti-rust, anti-skid, anti-corrosion, durable application and decorative surface. Shop Koffler Sales, the industry leader for over 50 years. We anticipate to gain the most popularity of customers from all over the world. Diamond plates ceiling tiles and cabinet for decorative use. Perforated checker plate and channel-shaped safety grating such as diamond safety grating, round safety grating, expanded metal grating, serrated bar steel grating are also involved in the following list. The anti slip bolt down plates can be coated with any of our non slip products so the customer can choose any colour such as photolu­min­escent, hazard warning chevrons etc. Non Slip Stair Tread Plate Non slip stair tread plate not only resists skid and corrosion but also has aesthetic features widely applied in residential, commercial and other fields. FibreGrid’s SlipGrip range of anti slip stair tread covers and landing covers meet the highest standard in both safety and durability. Diamond safety grating with enough opening makes shoes firmly grip the stairs to ensure safety, Diamond plate holds up to shoes to resist slip, The most popular products and specifications. var year = currentTime.getFullYear() It can be classified into diamond safety grating, round safety grating, serrated bar steel grating and expanded metal grating. Choose Seton’s anti-slip stair nosing treads or plates for your stairs to reduce slips, trips and falls. GRP Anti-slip Tread Covers. Diamond plates are made from three major materials as shown below: Anti-oxidizing covered on surface resists rust. Crocodile mouth shaped anti-skid safety grating, Aluminum diamond plate as anti-skid staircases, Anti-slip diamond plate suitable for ramp. Safeplates reduce the overall number of trips and falls, which eliminates the most common form of workplace injury, resulting in greater safety and a reduction in lost time injuries for the organisation. Stair Riser Plates - designed to fit to the front of the step. Traction Tread™ surface textures work well for cart and wheeled traffic. Stair Risers improve appearance and complete the look of your stairs. GRP stair treads are easily installed by simply using adhesive and / or mechanical fixing, and ensure a robust, durable and extremely slip resistant product. Ideal for industrial, commercial or public stairways and landings, the SlipGrip range can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, steel and … Of all types of checker plates, stainless steel checker plate is the one that has the best material. SlipGrip GRP anti-slip full landing tread & nosing cover plates do exactly what the title suggests - they come in the same options as listed above but with much deeper horizontal surface to cover the depth of a landing rather than just a tread. Anti-slip gritted finish. They can be minor medically treated injuries like cuts, fractures, bruises and dislocations, which happen more frequently, however more serious injuries can happen as a result of slips as well. This results in a surface that gives more grip & friciton when compared to standard plain road plates. Benefiting from anti-slip features, diamond plates can be used as stairs in residential, commercial, and industrial places. Checker plates are suitable for vehicle loading ramps in that they provide friction between vehicle and ramps. Generally speaking, chequered plate, also called diamond plate or tread plate, is used for non-slip capability and showing aesthetic looks. Anti-skid bridge is a safe bridge that provides safety access for passengers, workers and racers. Stair Riser Plates. When you need a non-slip tread to draw attention to a slippery area, trust our safety plates. Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces Safeplates are engineered to provide maximum protection against slips, stumbles or tumbles. It's an essential safety feature for industrial areas, walkways and stairs to help prevent injuries to staff and slip-related accidents. Product Features of Non slip aluminum tread plate. 1. steel mesh/grille, checkered plate, aluminium plate, concrete, timber. Anti-skid stairs. Their materials can be serious steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Plate stair treads can be used in new construction or can be retrofitted over existing slippery stairs. Non slip diamond pattern stair tread has a male/female interlocking design and can be installed over structural members to provide a solid, skid resistant flooring. 6. Anti-slip gritted finish. Safe Tread is the … Our full line includes cast iron (Ferrogrit®), cast aluminum (Alumogrit®), extruded aluminum (Spectra, Supergrit®, Stairmaster® and Flexmaster®), pressure sensitive adhesive tape (Flex-Tred®), and coatings (WP-70®, Walk-A-Sured® and Safe-Stride®). Diamond plate with diverse patterns of raised surface can resist skid and be widely used as footplate in industry, workshop, trucks and daily life. Our BOLD STEP® Safety Plates and BOLD STEP® Patented Hazard Safety Plates and are a permanent, attractive solution for worn flooring problem areas, dangerous steps and slip hazards. var currentTime = new Date() Non slip stair tread plate is designed for anti-skid stair. Safeplates can be sized to fit the area to be made safe with an antislip surface. Our anti slip treads are available in either self-adhesive, GRP or screw down aluminium and are available in a range of sizes. Stair Treads, Corner Guards, Anti-Slip Tape, Floor Mats and more. If you are installing our Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers in an area that requires an aesthetically pleasing finish, our vertical riser plates are recommended to complete the job. Each has its own special feature. Heavy duty, stair nosing’s are a durable and long lasting safety equipment for busy indoor or outdoor stairways, enhancing grip and … Such grating has raised surface and big holes, which can resist slip and let mud, debris and other extra materials drop down to keep self clean. Checker plates with different materials and patterns. Safeplates can be sized to fit the area to be made safe with an antislip surface. Which material should I choose? Tread plate also named anti slip plate is one metal channel which is embossed different patterns or punched various shapes and holes. Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces Safeplates are engineered to provide maximum protection against slips, stumbles or tumbles. GRP anti–slip stair treads provide a quick, safe & effective solution to worn, slippery and uneven steps. Aluminum, steel and stainless steel are main raw materials of checker plates. Safeplates are extremely durable and designed to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic while still performing effectively. 5. Perforated checker plate with raised surface makes shoes firmly grip the floor used as tread plate, walkway, workshop flooring to ensure people's safety. Made from aluminum steel, aluminum checker plate can resist slip effectively and it is strongly welcomed by customers used as decoration material in daily life. It has various patterns of slotted holes on surface to resist slip and keep people safe. 2. Diamond safety grating with diamond-shaped openings with serrated edges provides excellent anti-slip property applied as walkways and stair treads, etc. Different surface patterns and shapes provide the high slip resistance, and it can avoid the injuring to people in industry and commerce. Lightweight and anti-oxidizing surface resist rust, Galvanized checker plate resists corrosion and non-slip, Stainless steel checker plate with round-shaped. document.write(year) Riser Plates conceal existing worn or untidy step surfaces, worn or scruffy concrete, and prevent objects falling through the open area of steel or timber stair-cases. Anti-Slippery Tread Plates, Checkered, Punched, Perforated . Perforated checker plate. This type of plank is gentle on the knees and hands in commercial applications, including scaffolding. Aluminium Tread Plate is lightweight, durable, non-slip and low maintenance, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and structural purposes such as vehicle and industry flooring. 4. Non-slip GRP Decking Strips fit to the top of your decking or step surface, a quick and easy solution to improving safety on slippery timber decking and steps, whilst preserving an aesthetically pleasing appearance.Made from tough, hardwearing, durable GRP, they … Glamour Diamond Plates Company has decades of experience in producing and manufacturing all types of diamond plates including aluminum checker plate, stainless steel checker plate, galvanized checker plate, perforated checker plate and safety metal grating in various patterns. Standard Industrial Stair Tread Cover Dimensions The maximum in stock dimensions of the anti slip stair tread cover are 3000mm wide with common sizes of 2000mm, 1500mm, 1000mm and 750mm with a maximum depth of 345mm this can be cut down to any depth required for your stairs. High impact resistance Anti Slip Aluminium Plate Anti slip aluminium plate refers to the aluminum chequer plate, which has an extremely anti-slip effect due to the embossed pattern on the surface, which increases the friction of the contact surface. Mengke strives to provide customers with a variety of checker plate products which can be used in residential elevator, stairways for security. For more information or to discuss the requirements of your project, please contact us today. Anti Slip Aluminium Plate. Ideal for use on interior or exterior steps and landings. Diamond safety grating with diamond-shaped openings with serrated edges provides excellent anti-slip property applied as walkways and stair treads, etc. Non slip stair tread plate not only resists skid and corrosion but also has aesthetic features widely applied in residential, commercial and other fields. If you want to save money, aluminum checker plate is your premium choice. Safe Tread Riser Plates clad the front of your step surface, offering a visually improved appearance and completing the look of your stairs. Non slip stair tread plate is a type of checker plate made from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized materials with interlocking design. Provides secure footing on wet & oily surfaces. L-shape bolt down plates, suitable for use as non slip stair treads due to their shape, as it fully covers the edge to ensure a suitable non slip surface that covers the entire lip of the step. Superior slip and fall prevention in walkways, ramps, landings and pedestrian access areas, No down time, simply install and it is ready to walk on. For Construction More permanent solution than anti-slip tapes. Provide immediate anti-slip safety with almost indestructible Anti-Slip FRP Flat Plates & Treads. Supersafe Systems cc are the market leaders of anti-slip products in South Africa and our products are also sold extensively abroad. Copyright © 2014 Glamour Diamond Plates Company Add: Industrial Park, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China. Such anti-skid bridge protects them from injury. Anti-slip flooring consists of special anti-slip sheets that can be applied to existing flooring to improve its slip resistance. We are the inventor and manufacturer of the patented Modular Non slip safety stair tread (Patent No.97/9458) and therefore the sole suppliers of this product. Of course, our flat anti slip plates are also suitable for use as anti slip stair treads, but we recommend the former for application for stair nosing. Anti Slip Plates, Treads and Nosing. The can be cut to bespoke dimensions to cover any shape landing, including winding or spiral staircases. L shape anti-slip plates are perfectly suitable for use as non-slip stair treads on external wooden or concrete steps. Aluminum checker plate. Non-Slip Decking Strips. Stair Riser Plates for step fronts. It is convenient to load and upload goods. Fit Stair Risers to step front first, then add Stair Treads. They are easy to fit, easy to clean and most importantly, can withstand heavy duty foot traffic making a long lasting anti slip solution. Injuries resulting from slips and trips can reach thousands each year. Their suitability as anti-slip stair treads is due to their shape, allowing the anti-slip material to be present on the top and face of a step, drastically reducing the risk of slips and falls. With rich experience, advanced staff and considerate service, we guarantee that the high-quality products and professional technology will blow you away. Not only does diamond plate have anti-slip property, but also it has decorative features used as ceiling tiles and cabinets to beautify the room. TEL: +86-318-74882586 FAX: +86-318-74882586 Website: E-mail: info@diamondplates.orgLinks: Safe and comfortable anti skid diamond plates for residential and commercial use. People feel comfortable and safe when walking on the plate. Antislip metal deck Safeplates can be used in both pedestrian and industrial areas, and can be mechanically fastened ready to walk on so that you don't have to keep a vigil over the antislip product you've just installed. Overly polished, wet, oily floors, walkways landings and ramps can create a slippery surface that may lead to an incident occurring. When Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces antislip Safeplate’s are installed , some of the benefits are: Here are some of the features of Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces antislip Safeplates: Provides secure footing for all walks of life. Perforated checker plate is made through hot-embossing or CNC punching. Web Design Melbourne. Glamour Diamond Plates Company strives to supply various high quality diamond plates and premium service to meet customers' requirements. Anti-slip road plates are normally used to cover temporary excavations. It mainly depends on your preference and applications. 3. //--> © Copyright 2012- This product is ADA Compliant. Overly polished, wet, oily floors, walkways landings and ramps can create a slippery surface that may lead to an incident occurring.