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A True Legend Has Left Us….

by Larre Green on March 23, 2011

Today it was announced that Elizabeth Taylor had died at the
age of 79 of congestive heart failure. 
Many have remarked about her incredible Hollywood accomplishments,
staring in over fifty films but I truly believe that beyond her amazing acting career,
her somewhat turbulent personal life and even her brilliance as a business
woman, it will be her extraordinary efforts in humanitarian causes that will be
what history remembers her for.   This
was a woman who truly used her life to make a difference in others; something
we can all learn from. 

We are all blessed with one type of talent or another.  It may be the ability to lend a helping hand
by volunteering time at a non-profit, it may be utilizing your business
contacts, lending your name in support of an effort to make a difference or it
could be the ability to help financially, but we all have the ability to make a
difference.  I know of no other icon who
has left such a mark in all three areas. 
Elizabeth Taylor lived life to the fullest but at the same time, worked
tirelessly so that others could do the same. 

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I have to say,“W” stands for Wonderful!

by Larre Green on March 1, 2011

I just got back from a whirl wind weekend in New York City.  When I was looking for a place to stay, I decided to go with tried and true.  I chose the W Times Square.  I have stayed there in the past and it was always outstanding but I can honestly say, I did wonder, with all of the economic challenges, would that affect service and my experience?  I can now report, the answer is no!  From the moment I arrived, they couldn’t have been more accommodating.  In my opinion, for the cost of a room, you can’t find better accommodations anywhere else in NYC.  The rooms are a very comfortable size (many rooms even in high end hotels can be the size of a closet) plus they are well decorated with beds that feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. 

As for the staff, forget whatever you may have heard about New York people being rude.  These folks are some of the nicest people I have ever had the opportunity of meeting.   And it doesn’t matter who you are talking to.  I got on the elevator with one of the staff (couldn’t tell you what position but it wasn’t management) and right off the bat I was ask how my day was going?  Was I enjoying the hotel?  Was there anything I needed?  And the person couldn’t have been any kinder or friendly.  WOW!  I remember thinking; this is why I stay here. 

Now you might think that this was due to them knowing I work in the media industry but put those thoughts away because I am always careful not to reveal that so I can truly see what everyone else is experiencing.   

W management has a lot to be proud of in my book!

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Um Mother Nature there is such a thing as too much togetherness!

by Larre Green on February 9, 2011

Ok, so who doesn’t love snow?  And really, the occasional day off from school can be fun but this is now getting to be ridiculous!  I have to say, I love having my family here and enjoying some real quality time but now, after everyone being off from school and work last week and now adding these days off, I am ready to ship them off. 

We have done arts and crafts, played video games and caught up on old movies and really had great fun, however, we are all starting to look at each other as if we were those relatives that come to visit but never go home!  Sad part is that we are home! 

 Clearly Mother Nature is childless!

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1 finger pointing out and 3 pointing back at you!

by Larre Green on January 11, 2011

Like everyone else, I was horrified at the tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ last Saturday.  What I can’t understand is how some politicians are using this as a political weapon against each other.  There are those saying that the shootings were the result of previous political ads or because of previous political rhetoric , and then now another side is using this as a different kind of weapon saying that those who claimed that this was due to previous political ads or rhetoric are grandstanding. 

I say SHUT UP all of you. 

Really!  Really! 

Think of the family who lost their 9 year-old daughter.  Think of the family who lost their son, or the family who lost a father.  Can’t we actually just care about others for a bit of time before using tragic situations as swords? 

Personally, my thoughts and prayers are with all of these families right now and I think anyone who is caught up in the finger pointing needs to keep their yap shut!

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Community Loses Two Very Special Individuals

by Larre Green on December 8, 2010

Recently, North East Tarrant County lost two wonderful individuals, Barbara Baker and Steve Ewing.  Although their laughter and kindness will forever be missed, because of their unending acts of kindness through volunteerism, their legacy will live on through the many lives they had touched. 

During this holiday season, why not take the time to make a difference in someone else’s life and create your own legacy?

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TSA Pat Down? Oh Please!

by Larre Green on November 15, 2010

First of all, I have to admit I am not the best flyer.

I know it is still the safest way to travel and actually will do so, but I am one of those flyers who is thrilled that we are taking every possible action necessary to keep the friendly sky’s safe.  So when I hear people gripe about having to stand in front of a body scanner or receive a pat down, I wonder where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? 

Personally, I think some of these people have become spoiled.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are lots and lots of people who could care less about being scanned or getting patted down all in the name of better security.  But when I hear statements like “I don’t understand how a sexual assault be made a condition of my flying” or concerns over a TSA agent looking at a body scan and seeing his or her naked body, I think someone is being a bit stupid.  I recently heard one guy make the remark that if they touched his “junk” he was going to have them arrested.  Come on, do you think your “junk” is truly that special? 

I really don’t see the big concern.  Clearly, I am not thrilled at having a full body x-ray exposed to some stranger in another room, but we are not talking a centerfold photo here (I would defiantly have to have that one airbrushed).  Keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of people that go through this scan or even the procedure of being patted down. Does anyone truly believe that the people in the next room really care that much about what you look like?  Don’t flatter yourself!  You are just another body going through the conveyer belt of people.   To me, it is a small price to pay to know that not only I, but also my family and friends are going to arrive at their destinations safely. 

Now there is some big movement to have people protest the whole body scan and pat down.  I think these people need more to do with their time.

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Winning Isn’t Always Everything!

by Larre Green on November 8, 2010

 I had the opportunity to be at the Ballpark in Arlington for the final game of the World Series and wow, was it worth it. 

 Not being a huge sports person, I just wanted to be a part of a historic moment.  Well, forget historic moment; it was a blast! 

How did I get tickets?  I would love to say that I had some fantastic connection, but that was not the case.  My original thought was to go to the Ballpark in Arlington that day and just see if someone was selling tickets.  That was until that morning when I saw a story on the news about the counterfeit tickets being sold. Evidently some people had lost their money thinking they were purchasing official tickets to only find out they were fake when they tried to gain entry.  Let me just say, that is something that would happen to me!

 Instead, I went to, a website that was recommended by a friend and waited until the last minute to purchase tickets.  Not only was I able to purchase a seat, I was able to purchase an amazing seat at a fairly reasonable price. .. no, not face value but not too far over it. 

 Unfortunately, the Rangers didn’t win but really, just the fact that they were there gains my standing ovation. Tell about why it was so great—the crowd? Nolan Ryan?  What an evening!  What a game!  What an experience!   One I won’t soon forget.

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Two tin cans and string might work better!!

by Larre Green on September 21, 2010

I have to say I am frustrated.  Not necessarily because of work or pending matters but because for the most part of the day, when I have tried to use my cell phone, it seems to either take forever to place a call, go directly  to a voice mail without ringing or when it does ring, it then drops the call.  Now I know these new fangled communications products are supposed to help our lives but I think they help us run to the bar quicker! 

Over the past few months there has been a television ad running for a soup company that has the person calling and the person receiving the call, talking from tin cans attached with string.  Now I am wondering, is that just for fun, or did these people try this with cell phones and give up?

Oh well, I am not about to give up my phone and I know calling the cell phone company will only make me more crazy….so I guess the only answer is…yes bartender, I’ll have another one!

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Best Part? Not What You Might Expect

by Larre Green on September 14, 2010

 So I went to the Dave Mathews Band concert this past Saturday night at the Center in Dallas. 

 Great music, no rain. We zipped through the parking mess because we opted for a cab. Best part of the whole night? Hanging out with our friends. 

Don’t get me wrong, The Dallas Morning News ran a review Monday with a headline that read “Dave Matthews Band delivers a solid show at Center,” which backs up what I am saying about the concert.   So for those who are Dave Matthews band fans, it was worth just being there for the music.  But no matter how much fun any concert is, it is always better when you are hanging with your buds! 

 The band performed eighteen songs, each ending with the crowd going wild.  The weather held out, which originally had posed a bit of a concern considering that there was a 30 percent chance of rain that evening.  However, the facts that this was a sold-out concert and the venue was packed to capacity weren’t  worries on any of these fans minds.

I can say we had a great time.  You know you can attend social functions for everything from “Save the Whales” to “Help knock out this disease” and yes you might get to chat or catch up with some of your friends, but really you end up moving from person-to-person in more of a “catch up with good acquaintances” conversations.   But when you just get a close group of friends’ together and great music, to me, it is just more relaxing and fun. 

 Don’t you agree??????? 

By the way, was able to swipe someone’s limo to bring us home.  Hey, cash speaks!

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The award couldn’t go to a better person!

by Larre Green on August 31, 2010

If you haven’t heard, Metroport Meals on Wheels is giving its first ever LINKS award to Roxann Taylor on September 24th at their annual fashion show and luncheon.  The award honors a community advocate who embodies the characteristics of the LINK Award:   L – Leadership, I – Inspiration, N – Nurturing, K – Kindness and let’s face it, Roxann has done a ton for the North East Tarrant County community.  Way to go Roxann Taylor!

Reservations are now being taken and because seating is limited, you want to get your spot locked in now.  To purchase a table, inquire about sponsorships or even honor Roxann Taylor with a donation in her name, just email Karen Malone at or call 817-491-1141.

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