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It’s Super (Bowl) Weather

Hey, north Texans, have you ever turned the air conditioning on in February?

I don’t remember ever doing so but today–Feb. 1, 2012–I did just that in my car because it was downright toasty when I got into it mid-afternoon. Sauna-like even. No need to think about a coat.

Let’s rewind to last year. According to the National Weather Service, the high temperature for Feb. 2, 2011 was 20 degrees. February of last year had the fifth highest snow totals in Dallas-Fort Worth ever. It was as if we opened the door to welcome Alaska to take up residence here.

And if you’re remember, we were in the national spotlight because Super Bowl XLV had come to town. Yippee. Our turn to show off all we had to offer…football, friendly people, barbecue, Mexican food, museums and lots of bad weather. Nasty stuff. Icy roads. School closings. Sheets of ice literally slid off Cowboys Stadium’s roof, injuring people. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Man-Still-Affected-By-Injury-From-Cowboys-Stadium-Ice-138618459.html

What  a difference a year makes.

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Big Shock: Actor Not a Woman

After showing movie clips of him as a macho, tough-talking bad guy, a very handsome Victor Rivas Rivers stepped up to the microphone at the Seasons of Hope Luncheon and deadpans:

“I am not a woman,” he tells the crowd that consists of mostly women.

So his talk for the Open Arms fundraiser starts off funny and upbeat, but soon Rivers got very, very serious about the subject of domestic violence. As a child, he lived through the terror of a father who physically and emotionally abused his entire family. It was an important message for this group assembled for a luncheon at Cowboys Stadium to raise money for the Open Arms program, a domestic violence shelter and prevention program.

The luncheon also included a short fashion show from Belk where the latest fall trends were on the runway. Plaids. Animal prints. Leggings. Pencil skirts. And some ’80s-style hair to go with it.

Chairing the event were Patti Fuller and Beth Leaman, my gracious hostess. Also seen in the crowd were Angie Summers, Bonnie Kurtz, Kelley Pledger, Cathy , Winnie Wayne and Ginny Tigue.

And after a chicken luncheon, a fashion show, an inspirational talk and a raffle, there was still more…a tour of the new stadium. Women, men, whatever…there were a few takers for that one!

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Sunday Night…Oh What a Night!

So I know there was the opening game at the new Cowboys Stadium on television Sunday night (with a victory killing field goal and all), BUT… if you weren’t caught up in that, there was also the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy award show and this year I have to admit, the show was outstanding!  Yah, yah, I know what you’re thinking…another awards show (cue the yawn…and wake me up when the news is on) Well…if we were talking about the Emmy’s of years past I would agree…but not this year!  This year, with Neil Patrick Harris as host, the Emmy’s can now boast definitively that they are back and better than ever before! 

Anyone who tuned in from the beginning of the show was immediately treated to the terrific opening number, Put Down the Remote performed by Mr. Harris.  This song and dance routine poked fun at subjects ranging from the broadcast industry and their lack of ratings to Paula Abdul being gone from American Idol. It even pointed out how cute Mad Men’s Jon Hamm really is. 

According to zap2it.com (a product of Tribune Media Services that publishes ratings numbers for televised shows) although the NFL won the night with 18.5 million viewers, the Emmy’s showed their best numbers in three years with 13.3 million viewers! 

Mr. Harris has made watching the Emmy’s beyond the red carpet, worth watching again!

And if you were one of the 18.5 million viewers watching the Cowboys lose to the Giants, you still have a chance to view the opening number,  Put Down the Remote. Just click on the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTdYsFUSdnM

Now….let’s see if the Oscar’s can beat that!

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New Stadium a Non-Profit Magnet?

Even though it’s really not at all my problem, I’m worried about some of the non-profits.

Several of them are holding major fundraisers at JerryWorld, I mean, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Some are banking on the stadium to be a big enough draw that no speaker will be necessary, and that has me wringing my hands for them.

Without really trying very hard, I’ve visited JerryWorld, I mean, Cowboys Stadium three times already. I’ve seen the giant big screen in the sky, shelled out for the high-priced stadium food, test-driven the bathrooms. (The bathrooms, by the way, are just not up to snuff. You can have the biggest TV screen known to mankind, but did they really install those old-fashioned, push-here faucets? No high-tech hands-free type? What MAN decided this? I digress.)

Labor Day, a holiday that should be devoted to swimming one last time and eating too many burgers, marked the day in 2009 that eight high school football teams got the chance to play on Jerry’s new turf. For $15, the merely curious, the true-blue fans and the bored could have spent all day there, wandering from floor to floor while Trojans and Panthers tore up the gridiron. The City of Arlington had its day, too, this summer when those waiting to see what their tax dollars built could get a glimpse inside.

Then there’s the college football opportunities. My beloved Sooners already spent an unfortunate evening there, and Texas A&M will play the Arkansas Razorbacks Oct. 3. And let’s not forget the groupies who will be there to check out U2 Oct. 12.

So if non-profit organizations were counting on the curiosity factor pulling people into their fall fund-raising luncheons, that just worries me. I want the causes to do well, but if you forego a speaker because the new stadium is your magnet, I’m a little anxious about that outcome. But if you were just looking for a new place to try instead of the normal hotel ballroom, then maybe it’ll work out fine.

In the meantime, I’m thinking maybe some major new marketing is in order…or maybe give attendees the chance to use the Cowboy cheerleaders’ bathroom. Let’s see if they’ve got better sinks.

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New Stadium the Best of Two Worlds

This part of the new stadium might look like a normal football field, but the lobby rivals a four-star hotel.

This part of the new stadium might look like a normal football field, but the lobby rivals a four-star hotel.

I do love sports, and I do love a nice hotel.

The best of both worlds, minus the beds, is found at the big, new, fabulous Cowboys Stadium, and I was lucky enough to see it spring into action Friday night. Courtesy of some very generous friends, Prince Charming and I were there for the big opening night of football.

The sports portion of this, since it is the Dallas Cowboys, you might understand, but the hotel part might have you raising an eyebrow. Well, rolling into that place is like strolling into the lobby of some swanky new hotel. It even smells new.

And there are people lined up all over what looks like a hotel lobby, saying hello, welcoming you, showing the way. Much like checking into the Waldorf or something. I do like to be treated like someone was 1. expecting me and 2. glad I showed up.

Then as if it were Sunday brunch at one of those fabu hotels, we got to go into a cloistered area and help ourselves to a beautiful buffet. Lots of Jerry’s people were hustling about making sure trays stayed full, and generally making sure we were well taken care of.

I love that.

Halftime? They roll out a second buffet. As I have to work very hard at being only this fat and not 20 pounds fatter, I only looked at the chili dog spread they had. True football food. Go team. hen I saw an enticing arrangement of large, chewy cookies–just like some of the fancy hotels wave under your nose–I decided it was my duty to try one of those. Okay, two.

Now our very generous friends have seats that are on the 50. Since I am a former high school cheerleader and somewhat of a football fan (Boomer Sooner), I do know that the 50-yard-line is where you want to be sitting. But even if I had not taken Theory of Football at the University of Oklahoma (yes, really did), I would know it was a good seat to be in.

That, my friend, is because Jerry Jones himself was sitting maybe four rows behind us, not in his suite, but above his suite, in his own personal box. Yes, I’m sure he saw me, but since we have never been formely introduced, I did not do the thumbs-up sign to him when the Cowboys scored. I can tell you his tie was a lovely shade of lavender.

Anyway, unlike checking into a fabulous hotel, you may not take what you’d like. I was warned that my handbag could not measure larger than 12 inches by 12 inches. What? I’m showing up at this terrific place, one of the ones who want to see and be seen, and I can’t bring my most fashionable purse?

Well, then, rather than spoil my carefully selected ensemble (cute top, killer shoes and best dark-rinse jeans), I just won’t take a purse then. Harumph.

Carrying my lip gloss is why Prince Charming always has pants with pockets. Right?

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Actor Named as Speaker for Fall Benefit

Victor Rivers, actor and activist

Victor Rivers, actor and activist

Actor Victor Rivers has been named the featured speaker for the 3rd Annual Seasons of Hope Luncheon and Style show, planned for Oct. 28 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

Rivers, who appeared as Jack Reese on NBC’S series ”Life,” will bring his program “I am Not a Woman” for the fundraiser benefiting the Community Enrichment Center’s Open Arms program. His film credits include “Blood In/Blood Out,” “The Mask of Zorro” and “The Distinguished Gentleman. On TV, Rivers has guest-starred on a variety of shows inluding “CSI Miami,” “24,” “Star Trek and “Miami Vice.”

Today acting is only part of what captures Rivers’ attention. He uses his own story of surviving a home where abuse took place to raise awareness about what is more than a woman’s issue. The actor-turned-activist considers domestic violence society’s greatest, yet most curable, social disease. Rivers now has penned his memoir, “A Private Family Matter,” (Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster).

At the luncheon, Karen Borta will serve as mistress of ceremonies. Attendees will be treated to a three-course lunch and a style show with clothing from Belk Department Store.

 Sponsorships are available and include complimentary tickets to the fundraiser and a VIP tour of the new stadium.

Tables of 10 guests are $650 for the luncheon or $750 for the luncheon plus a tour of the stadium. Individual tickets are $65 for the luncheon or $75 for the luncheon plus a tour of the stadium.

Event proceeds will benefit the CEC’s Open Arms Program, a two-year program dedicated to victims of domestic abuse. Call the CEC at 817-281-1164 for more information.

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