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Sorority Rush: Stay Calm, Mom

Sorority rush, now called “recruitment” for some silly reason, is in full swing in the south.  It’s an annual ritual difficult to explain to others who know nothing of its drama, an annual rite of fall preceding football season at most big state schools in the south.

The ordeal and its long-term repercussions for happiness and social standing can send shock waves through neighborhoods. It can cause grown women to melt into a puddle of tears. It can cause curtains to be drawn and overwrought mothers to take to their beds.

Ushering in the season is Oklahoma State University, which in fact finished its Panhellenic rush week today. As far as I can discern, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

As the mother of three daughters who have participated in this exciting, agonizing, scary, fun, emotional, confusing, thrilling, whirlwind, heart-stopping week, I want to assure the mothers of these girls going through rush that you will survive. It might not seem like it if you’re daughter calls you sobbing because the sorority she just knew was the one for her decided they weren’t going to invite her back. Or if she chooses the one you know to be the “wrong” one. Or if her roommate doesn’t deserve to be getting invited back to so many. Or if … (fill in the blank with whatever is your current state of anxiety).

I was a rush advisor for my own national sorority for several years, and I have first-hand knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. It’s busy, and it’s competitive both for the sororities and the rushees. It’s very difficult, as a mom, to send your sweet baby off to college, and the first week she’s there have her go through something like sorority rush. For those who care about sororities, the stakes can seem very, very high.

Countless cute daughters are wearing their best dresses with their best shoes and smiling till their pony tails hurt in an effort to make the right impression. And moms have nothing left to do at this stage of the game but to wad their hankies in knots, talk endlessly on the phone to sorority alums about “what ifs” and drink jugs of wine.

When you do get to speak to your precious baby in between the rounds of parties, remember to hide your anxiety from her. She doesn’t need you dumping your fears on her; she needs you to pump her up.

Most of the rushees are happy with whatever sorority they end up pledging. As my cousin said to me today after her daughter pledged at OSU, “she’s absolutely in the right place for her.”

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New Pledges Named at Texas Tech University

Results for sorority recruitment at area universities continue to be reported. Recruitment, also known as ”rush,” was completed recently at Texas Tech University.

According to the Mid-Cities Alumnae Panhellenic, the most recent rush at Texas Tech results include the following from north Texas:


Alpha Chi Omega–Drew Alwin, Emily Ecklund, Nicole Hart, Haley Lamb, Sydney Wood.

Alpha Delta Pi–Kali Spates.

Alpha Phi–Bethanie Davidson, Taylor Dickson, Morgan Moses.

Chi Omega–Alex Bell, Chelsea Daignault, Caroline Duncan, Mackenzie Lofland, Natalie Rock.  

Delta Delta Delta–Brooklyn Barber, Mallory Scott.

Delta Gamma–Jordan Kleymann.

Kappa Alpha Theta–Aujehl Messier, Ellen Miritello,Victoria Shaw.

Kappa Delta–Roxie Bustamante, Mary Robb, Wendy Wood.

Kappa Kappa Gamma–Hailey Mallozi.

Pi Beta Phi–Chelsea Bessinger, Abby Bream, Lauren Coker, Mary Ellen Scott.

Zeta Tau Alpha–Sam Gosnell, Sarah Hillig, Bailey Rupe, Natalie Schafer, Hayley Williky, Angelica Zureikat.



Alpha Chi Omega–Morgan Zobrist.

Alpha Delta Pi –Danielle Gagnon, Megan Kelly, Jordan Miller, Celine Mojica, Meredith Moore, Shelby Timothy, Erin Williams.

Gamma Phi Beta–Kimmi Hildreth, Sarah Kelly, Sarah Rogers, Nicole Yorba.

Delta Delta Delta–Kelsey Ussery.

Kappa Alpha Theta–Sarah Yeakley.

Kappa Delta–Haley Harris, Kara Miller.

Kappa Kappa Gamma–Adrian Thoma, Skyler Stone.

Phi Mu–Natalie Moore.

Pi Beta Phi–Michaela Bond, Kaitlyn Downey, Hayden Harris.

Zeta Tau Alpha–Ali Kubala, Katherine Lowe, Shelby Williams, Ashlee Tisdale.



Alpha Delta Pi–Heather Brannick, Alex Champagne, Caitlin Goheen,Michelle Warnock.

Alpha Chi Omega–Betsy Bethea, Paige McMullan.

Delta Delta Delta–Julia Fitzgerald.

Delta Gamma–Mackenzie Clarkson.

Gamma Phi Beta–Rebeccah Gould, Emma Schultz, Michelle Thompson.

Kappa Alpha Theta–Natalie Blair, Jessica Nimergood.

Pi Beta Phi–Emily Baughman, Alex Gonzolez, Julia Green, Alyssa Paneri.

Sigma Kappa–Kaitlin Costello.

Zeta Tau Alpha–Krystyn Albert, Katie Hamilton, Rachel Hopper, Kathryn Juren, Amy Moan, Julia Peebles.



Alpha Delta Pi–Katie Welpott.

Alpha Gamma Delta–Jessica Crilley.

Alpha Omicron Pi–Caroline Mayberry.

Alpha Phi–Lauren Sigler.

Delta Delta Delta–Samantha Presley.

Gamma Phi Beta–Lauren Casey.

Kappa Kappa Gamma–Annette Farrell.



Delta Zeta–Mackenzie Youngman.


University of Oklahoma

Alpha Gamma Delta–Samantha Ross.
Alpha Chi Omega–Andee Bosbyshell, Kyla Dickman, Mega Siebert.
Alpha Omicron Pi–Katie Baughman, Krystina Simon.
Alpha Phi–Sarah Aldinger, Jessica Bruder.
Chi Omega–
Callie Hewett, Ellery Long.
Delta Delta Delta–Bailey GeorgeEmma Hallab, Jennifer Miller
Delta Gamma–Rebecca Benfield, Courtney Graviett, Shelby Stiner.
Gamma Phi Beta–Cassidy Cope, Kristina Hopkins,  Hallee Scoggins, Brooke Strother.
Kappa Alpha Theta–Catherine Champlin, Caroline Scott.
Kappa Kappa Gamma–Paige Brandt, Mekenzie House, Danon Payne, Brooke Stuart.
Pi Beta Phi–Ashleigh Fergus, Jordan Jones, Brooklyn Miller, Claire Rexing, Sasha Stribling.

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Texans Pledge Sororites at OSU

Sorority rush ended with bid day Aug. 8 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.

Sorority rush ended with bid day Aug. 8 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.

Formal sorority rush, now known as recruitment, ended Aug. 8 at Oklahoma State University, with hundreds of Texans among the new pledges.

More than 1,000 young women participated in this year’s rush. Following is a list of new members, according to a list released by OSU’s office of sorority and fraternity affairs. 

Adams  Bailey Melissa  Aledo  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Moore  Shannon Leigh  Allen  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Reed  Megan Kaye  Allen  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Boyd  Caroline Michelle  Amarillo  Texas  Chi Omega
Britten  Mandi Marie  Amarillo  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Cox  Madison Elise  Amarillo  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Labus  Sara Dawn  Amarillo  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Sluder  Megan Lynn  Amarillo  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Feldmaier  Cheryl Lynn  Austin  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Goddard  Kelsey Morgan  Austin  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Kriewald  Kari Ashlee  Austin  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Zschiesche  Anna Michelle  Austin  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Nash  Presley Kate  Borger  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Young  Tracey Lynn  Canadian  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Bryan  Krista Nicole  Carrollton  Texas  Kappa Delta
Knoll  Alex E.  Carrollton  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Vasquez  Christina Marie  Carrollton  Texas  Phi Mu
Weir  Kelsey Elizabeth  Carrollton  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Cruciani  Jenna Marie  Cedar Hill  Texas  Phi Mu
Collins  Kelsy Elizabeth  Celina  Texas  Chi Omega
Blythe  Carlin Jill  Colleyville  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Flynn  Mandi Jordan  Colleyville  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
George  Kristina Mariah  Colleyville  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Childs  Cathleen Shannon  Colleyville/Grapevine  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Dickerson  Erin Lindsey  Coppell  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Farrow  Zan Sarah  Coppell  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Lamilla  Kristen Alexandra  Coppell  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Vint  Sarah Jeannette  Coppell  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Girasole  Emily Elizabeth  Copper Canyon  Texas  Phi Mu
Agatston  Hannah Elizabeth  Dallas  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Boles  Stephanie Susan  Dallas  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Culbertson  Kaley Latham  Dallas  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Drennon  Kathryn Elizabeth  Dallas  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Gilliland  Jennifer Lee  Dallas  Texas  Chi Omega
Gray  Alicia Ann  Dallas  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Hardage  Mariel Jane  Dallas  Texas  Chi Omega
Miller  Amanda Ingram  Dallas  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Mozelewski  Rachael Victoria  Dallas  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Nichols  Ashley Victoria  Dallas  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Rathbun  Kelly Evelyn  Dallas  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Rosenberg  Haley Elise  Dallas  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Sharp  Christian Ann  Dallas  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Stevenson  Sarah Ann  Dallas  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Tompkins  Abby  Dallas  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Henslee  Katelyn Renee  Denison  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Reed  Taylor Ann  Denison  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Reid  Mallory Christian  Denison  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Key  Haley Joann  Denton  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Young  Amanda Nicole  Denton  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Acosta  Maya Paloma  El Paso  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Roberson  Kelsi Denise  Euless  Texas  Phi Mu
Boudreaux  Alex Marie  Flower Mound  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Burton  Sammie Jo  Flower Mound  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Cooke  Lauren Ashley  Flower Mound  Texas  Kappa Delta
Cosper  Kelsey Lynn  Flower Mound  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Harlan  Christina Rene’  Flower Mound  Texas  Chi Omega
Jones  Meghan McCarley  Flower Mound  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Knudson  Katie Louise  Flower Mound  Texas  Kappa Delta
Rudeen  Sara Kristin  Flower Mound  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Snow  Lauren Ashley  Flower Mound  Texas  Phi Mu
Sprunger  Emily Marie  Flower Mound  Texas  Kappa Delta
Cozby  Monte Jean  Fort Worth  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Kober  Molly Mae  Fort Worth  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Wilson  Laura Elizabeth  Fort Worth  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Carter  Kimberley Renee  Frisco  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Carter  MacKenzie Rose  Frisco  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Cayton  Ashley Elizabeth  Frisco  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Clark  Whitney Claire  Frisco  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Flick  Georgie George  Frisco  Texas  Phi Mu
Lipman  Bekah Mae  Garland  Texas  Chi Omega
Garberich  Kirsti Michele  Grapevine  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
McIntire  Lauren Tracy  Grapevine  Texas  Chi Omega
Baker  Brittany Lynn  Highland Village  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Boyd  Marla Renee  Houston  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Callaway  Shelby Mika  Houston  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Crawford  Sydney Elaine  Houston  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Jackson  Claire Elizabeth  Houston  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Moore  Courtney Leigh  Houston  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Sage  Emily Catherine  Houston  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Tabor  Katheryn Elizabeth  Houston  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Fisher  Mary Katherine  Katy  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Huber  Nichelle Leigh  Keller  Texas  Phi Mu
Mercer  Jacy Lyn  Keller  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Olive  Stevy Marie  Keller  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Tanner  Caitlan Elyse  Keller  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Tennison  Emily Blair  Keller  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Welniak  Danilynn Sheri  Keller  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Cocker  Allison Leah  Kingwood  Texas  Phi Mu
Horine  Kelsie Jane  Kingwood  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Williams  Shelby Shacole  Mansfield  Texas  Phi Mu
St. Peter  Ally Rochelle  Mansfield  Texas  Phi Mu
Ingram  Elise Elise  McGregor  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Cothran  Kelli Michelle  McKinney  Texas  Phi Mu
Eastland  Kristen Elisabeth  McKinney  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Endsley  Kalyn Leigh  McKinney  Texas  Phi Mu
Herbel  Sara Elizabeth  McKinney  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Nameth  Alex Nicole  Mckinney  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Reese  Meg Nicole  McKinney  Texas  Phi Mu
Richards  Melanie Ann  Mckinney  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Baker  Stephanie Nicole  Midland  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Steidley  Sydney Lauryn  Murphy  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Baggerman  Jessica Odell  Pampa  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Campbell  Tora Robinson  Pampa  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Nies  Hailey Jordan  Pampa  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Allred  Jordan MarKay  Perryton  Texas  Chi Omega
Davis  Morgan Melissa  Plano  Texas  Chi Omega
Hooks  Jordan Lyndsey  Plano  Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Kesterson  Calei Jo  Plano  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Leto  Katie Christine  Plano  Texas  Kappa Delta
Little  Nicole Elizabeth  Plano  Texas  Phi Mu
Maakestad  Katie Ann  Plano  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Mitchell  Catherine Ann  Plano  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Murphy  Mary Grace Michaela  Plano  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Price  Morgan Nicole  Plano  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Folse  Lauren Nicole  Richardson  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Swarens  Ashley Lauren  Richardson  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi
Morrison  Stephanie Lynn  Round Rock  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Grimes  Mary Ann  Rowlett  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
Tucker  Liz Colleen  San Angelo  Texas  Phi Mu
Brown  Hannah Katherine  Southlake  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Kissick  Emily Taylor  Southlake  Texas  Gamma Phi Beta
McMurrey  Keelie Rae  Southlake  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
McTighe  Katie Marie  Southlake  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Miscoll  Meghan Ashley  Southlake  Texas  Delta Delta Delta
Pospisil  Sarah Marie  Southlake  Texas  Kappa Kappa Gamma
Swick  Courtney Lisa  Southlake Texas  Zeta Tau Alpha
Watts  Melissa Lynne  Southlake  Texas  Phi Mu
Laningham  Rebecca Marie  Spring  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Cotten  Caroline Powell  Texarkana  Texas  Chi Omega
Capps  Alicia Kathleen  The Woodlands  Texas  Alpha Chi Omega
Pryor  Jordan Avery  The Woodlands  Texas  Chi Omega
Lowden  Beth Elizabeth  Tyler  Texas  Kappa Alpha Theta
Jurek  Shelby Brook  Waco  Texas  Pi Beta Phi
Harrington  Madison Claire  Watauga  Texas  Alpha Delta Pi

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Nail-biting Time and Pass the Corkscrew

Nail-biting time definitely is underway.

Sorority rush is already moving along at Oklahoma State University, always the first one in this area to finish rush. Now known as “recruitment,” rush will include the final round of parties Friday with bid day Saturday.

Mostly freshman girls attend rounds of parties in what is billed as a “mutual selection process,” which it is. And the game is played with sororities inviting back some girls, the girls indicating which ones they favor, and back and forth and back and forth. Then on the last day, bid day, girls are invited to pledge, which is what will happen Saturday in Stillwater.

The other big state schools will follow–boom, boom, boom. Next bid days on the list:

  • University of Oklahoma–Aug. 18
  • Louisiana State University–Aug. 22
  • Texas Christian University–Aug. 22
  • University of Arkansas–Aug. 22
  • University of Texas–Aug. 25
  • Texas Tech University–Aug. 27
  • Texas A&M University–Aug. 28
  • University of Tulsa–Aug. 30
  • Texas State University–Sept. 9

From the time Baby Princess is dropped off at the dorm to the preceding dates can become somewhat stressful (understatement) for the mothers involved. By the end of the weak, the mother might have pulled her carefully highlighted hair out by the roots or have become just a little bit agitated or both.

What this means is a spike in area liquor sales. Nothing like this kind of ulcer-inducing exercise to inspire a mom to lunge for her corkscrew…sometimes even before 5 o’clock.

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