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It’s Past Time

Hey, you! The recent high school graduate! Yes, I’m talking to you, the cute girl with this notion of joining a college sorority.

I wish I could say it was high time to get your resumes, photos and those all-important thank-you notes to the sorority alumnae you’re hoping will write you a glowing recommendation. I can’t say that because it’s past time. Adhering to a June 1st deadline would have been a much better plan.

Let’s say you had the best of intentions, but you didn’t do it. For the love of all things Greek, please get everything in before July 4. Now.

Being busy is no excuse because everyone is busy, including the lovely woman you hope will say nice things about you to her sorority sisters. So now is the time to grovel and hope the nice lady who offered to do this for you at Easter is still willing and not on vacation.

Need some help? Check out www.sororitylife.com, a website run by the National Panhellenic Conference, or for north Texas sorority-girl wannabes, try www.midcitiespanhellenic.com. Then get after it.

Tick tock, tick tock.

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Sorority Rush, Bursting at the Seams

The anxiety is almost over for all the parents who’ve sent their sweet babies off to college, and more stressfully, to sorority rush.

Most large universities complete sorority rush–now called “recruitment” for reasons I’ll never understand–before school starts. The really cruel ones make the sororities have their bid days on the first day of school (add that to the list of things I don’t understand), so that the girls can accept their semester syllabuses while biting their fingernails.

Meanwhile the parents at home are left to wonder how their baby girl is doing, while fielding phone calls from curious friends who just might have gathered all the reccomendations needed for such a pursuit. Especially in the South, y’all, this sorority deal is a team effort, and the sorority alumnae keep score just like it was a football game.

Sorority rush seems to be gaining momentum. After being Greek took a nosedive in the late ’60s and early ’70s when the hippies were popular detractors, I see a resurgence. More and more high school girls are attending Panhellenic forums, and these pledge classes are monstrous. At the University of Arkansas this year, pledge classes numbered upward of 130. Yes, too many to know well.

And all this flurry of activity happening over less than a week is a very exciting time for a newbie on campus…unless it isn’t. Unfortunately, there is sometimes heartbreak for no good reason. The sorority rush process is far from perfect, but so are many things in life. It’s just too bad when this unfairness happens just as these girls are starting a new adventure, usually away from home.

So, college presidents and Panhellenics, I’m asking you to look at broadening the number of National Panhellenic sororities on your campuses. Obviously the sorority experience, now more than 140 years old, is seen as a valuable one. Let’s expand it so everyone who wants to be a part of one of the 26 national sororities can be a part. Let’s keep the numbers down to a manageable few so that the members can know each other and live together.

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