Created to tame the Hellcat, the Apex trigger is the latest upgrade to hit our workbench The Springfield Armory Hellcat micro-compact was a surprising and welcome addition to the concealed carry world. if i had a mech tech upper then i might buy a gligger. As I’m not able to measure the actual breaking point, the next best measurement I could get was to squeeze the trigger the full distance of travel and measure to what would normally be called the overtravel stop. On average, my draw with the stock GLOCK took 1.49 seconds, with my second, third, and fourth shots coming at .25, .27, and .28 respectively. No matter how much fun an activity is, like shooting guns, there’s always someone willing to suck the life out of it with too much math. The RAM unit is interesting in that it not only makes for a more crisp and tactile trigger reset, but that it also can act as a failsafe if the trigger return spring of the pistol fails (if that happens, the shooter can manually pull forward on the trigger and then engage it). I qualified for blue label pricing on Glock. The latest triggers being machined right now have this new dimensional change and will be available shortly. Oh… and people do the same thing with 1911s. I’ve reached out to Apex to comment on that. This is the ultimate judge of the balance between speed and accuracy. Male Pride? This is due in large part to the fact that it kicked out my first run of the day where my draw took 1.97 seconds. Reviews. It was about a month ago I received the Action Enhancement Kit for the Gen 5 Glock 17 from Apex Tactical Specialties. If you only spend 1k on a 1911, you are buying the “GLOCK” of 1911s. This was within a few hundredths of the stock pistol which had splits of .25, .27, and .28 respectively. While the Glock Enhancement Trigger isn’t quite as precise as some of the high-dollar match grade triggers, it’s a great upgrade for $100. Apex Tactical produced the Action Enhancement Trigger (AEK) for the Smith and Wesson M&P to work with all calibers and configurations of this popular pistol. Your email address will not be published. OVERWATCH PRECISION – POLYMER DAT TRIGGER KITS. My raw point totals across all fourteen runs averaged 17.43, a full point worse than the stock gun (18.43). You buy a gun that feels and shoots right for you and *mod* it to preference. The production version of the trigger is much better than the prototype that we reviewed a while back, Apex hit it out of the park with the final version. Though I have a Gen3 GLOCK 19, I elected to utilize the trigger with trigger bar, as removing the factory trigger bar from my gun would effectively destroy the factory trigger. They brought the new trigger mechanism and a single stack for the 43 and a semi off center stack mag for the 43 x. I can’t decide if I hate “bangswitch” or “go pedal” worse. While I wanted a manual safety on my full-size M&P9, I specifically wanted a safety-free Shield (as I have not trained on disengaging a safety on my pocket carry gun, and the Shield’s manual safety is only for right handers, anyway). I had never used a flat-faced trigger before, so I was very interested in trying it out. Recently, though, they’ve taken on the biggest platform out there, GLOCK brand GLOCKs…. I had determined that I wanted to get the company’s Level IV Trigger Service Package and the Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit with aluminum red trigger to add a little visual flair to the looks of the pistol. As I mentioned above, the Apex trigger changed my GLOCK from “holster testing gun” to “maybe I should toss this in the bag for a range trip gun” which is a pretty big step forward. musta played too much call of duty. So I overmolded RTV black siicone grips on mine that fit my hand after I filed down the stipd misplaced finger grooves on my “Perfect” Glock, the silicone overmolding would establish finger grooves to fit my hand. With the minimum and maximum scores gone, the average score was 7.66, .45 lower than stock. Yes, a late-model Glock or your-favorite-gun may have a good enough trigger for you. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sounds like good old-fashioned marketing to me! Apex syntax looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures. I contacted Apex’s Paul Erhardt to discuss my new purchases and ask for his input on what modifications I might want for them. I have been tracking the advancements of ammunition technology in recent years and decided that the round had matured and developed to the point that a switch made sense for me. In my particular scheme of things I’m better off spending said $100 towards a decent reloading kit for 10mm/.40S&W since that’s what I shoot most of the time. In fact, when Apex sent me a trigger to test out, I was a little sad about it, because I actually like the factory trigger just fine. There’s a challenge and a certain satisfaction that comes from taking something good and making it a little better. Harley owners will customize theirs by replacing certain parts over time. All of the pins are flush fitted, and once installed, it feels like the pivoting surfaces are riding on oiled glass. This position is backed by data from my last go at using the Rehn Test to objectively look at performance. Given that I wanted to run my Apex’d GLOCK against a stock one, I placed a call to RF, and he readily supplied a bone stock Gen 4 GLOCK 19 for me to use as part of my testing. The kit reduces trigger pull weight […] Yet, Walther asked Apex to come up with an aftermarket trigger upgrade. almost makes me not want to even buy a glock. 😀 The problem with the math here is like the author pointed out, the numbers (except for the weights and measurements) aren’t really an apples to apples comparison, so you can’t draw any hard conclusions from them. Description: Draw, fire 4 on 5 yard target, two handed, Purpose: Test draw and “hosing” split times, Goal Time: 2.00 sec (1.25 draw, 0.25 splits x 3). While I was at it, I decided that I also wanted to update my pocket carry/backup gun from the Model 642 to a 9 mm that could share ammo with my primary carry gun. Take the Robert Wise comments with a mine’s worth of salt. Sure, you can make them better, but they already start life crisp and clean enough with one of the best tactile and audible resets out there. While the Apex Tactical trigger work was my primary focus on customizing these two Smith & Wesson carry guns, I also had some other work done to them prior to their being shipped out to Apex. 4. Apex Tactical produced a trigger kit … Garbage In, Garbage Out. For me it’s well worth the $100 ($80 if you just buy the shoe) to get more enjoyment out of shooting the guns. I would prefer to fire rounds at paper, but even feeling the balance and dry firing would have been worthwhile. Too bad they did not ask you to improve the trigger on the CCP, that is a singularly crappy trigger. I wasn’t able to feel/taste/smell too much of a difference, and the results of my range testing indicate that they’re very clearly similar. It is absolutely an improvement in feel over stock, and the shape is quite pleasant. I was just wanting to get a trigger shoe, probably the flattest one they offer. As 20 points is the maximum amount that can be scored, I felt that I did a good job as a shooter of balancing accuracy against speed. While researching how best to customize the Smith & Wessons, one name kept coming up—Apex Tactical Specialties. I think the work was well worth the research and effort. These numbers were within .01 seconds of the raw data. then after mabye 1000 pulls, it started changing feel, getting mushy and finally I realized that the . This is a variable that I wish I could have done away with, but the test that I ultimately wanted to do works better with two pistols being shot back to back. While I would love to think that perfection is the name of the game, I think we can all agree that some pistols just shoot better than others of the same model. If you took away the math, I’d rank this as a five star trigger. The last measurement was to measure the distance from the overtravel stop to the reset “click”. The safety blade on them has always protruded a bit beyond the shoe causing a hot spot on my digit. The flat-faced trigger features a central safety paddle in its center and a small recurve at the bottom to keep the shooter's finger in position. Based on the helpful feedback we got, the trigger is being altered so as to fit the 43. An upgraded trigger will reset quickly, which allows for quicker follow-up … But many (most?) I was interested in trying out a flat-faced trigger, so I told him I was game. Sig Sauer - 320 Adverse Trigger. Man there’s a lot of pessimism here for a trigger upgrade. Greatly enjoy shooting both. Please make one of these for the G43. A small recurve at the bottom of the trigger keeps the trigger finger from moving too far down. There are seven drills in the entirety, and for this, I chose Drill #1. Similarly, the change to standard deviation was negligible with the exception of my draw time which dropped from 1.59 to 1.45 on average with the standard deviation dropping from .17 to .10. It’s also been built to directly replace your factory trigger. Because of this decision, swapping out the trigger was a sub ten minute affair. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, with Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar, for Glock is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and reduces overall trigger travel while providing smooth uptake and reset with a crisp trigger break. I’m not a Glock hater nor a 1911 hater (I have both), but honesty compels me to admit that a $100+ investment for a roughly one pound reduction in trigger pull weight is mighty steep indeed. range). Apex’s Glock Enhancement Trigger came out a few years ago and is one of the most affordable drop-in trigger systems. A factory stock Harley Davidson motorcycle runs fine, too. That’s why I put Apex triggers in my M&P handguns. As  some of you may remember, I set out to find an objective means of testing pistols, sights, holsters, etc. It is black to match the GLOCK and the anodizing work is free of defects as well. – Direct drop-in replacement of factory trigger bar and curved trigger – Reduces trigger travel approx. This whole “review” is rubbish. This seems to promote a bit more control on the trigger shoe, and ultimately results in what feels like a much better trigger “experience.”. I had zero failures of any kind, and all primer strikes were well formed and on par with what the stock trigger accomplished. Federal Premium Sets Record Straight On Ammunition Shortage, A Little Piece of History: My 1924 Colt Police Positive, NRA Gun of the Week: AREX Defense Rex Delta, In Country: Small Arms of the Vietnam War, © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. If spending twice as much makes a person feel like they have a better weapon well, to each their own, but I’d beard pressed to trust any 1911 over a Glock in a combat environment without a lot of love and care put into the pistol. Having thoroughly reviewed the company’s site, I was considering Apex’s Level II Trigger Service Package with the Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) and M&P Aluminum Action Enhancement Trigger for the M&P9 pistol. Kicking out minimum and maximum raised that score to 17.50, and going to data within one standard deviation took it to 18.25. 31. Regardless of what percentage of the cost of the gun the upgrade was, I’d rather keep $200. 4. Simply disassemble the gun using the handy video above, and follow along to do the install. The trigger’s main body is anodized aluminum making it lightweight but tough enough for the job. I initially thought he was referring to their Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger designed for competitive shooting, but he explained that it was a new version that was designed for carry guns. I’d spend it on a Walther Q series approximately same price and comes with a decent trigger out of the box. The Apex trigger by itself reduces pre-travel by approximately 20% and over-travel by 10%, when compared to the factory trigger. First and foremost I wanted to upgrade the sights to tritium units, and after a little bit of research decided that I wanted to use Trijicon HD Night Sights due to their enhanced colored ring around the front sight (which gives you both three dot tritium night sights as well as a high-visibility “big dot” at the front for daylight shooting) and the “ledge” on the rear sight for single-hand racking of the slide if necessary. I like Apex, but the only reason the Glock triggers measure so high, is because of the design. Use Apex code to run flow and transaction control statements on the Salesforce platform. by Michael O. Humphries - yep. Even then, I was still seriously considering a PPQ. Kicking out the maximum and minimum scores took that score to 18.33 with a standard deviation of 1.67, and moving to only data within one standard deviation, the raw score average was 18.75 with a standard deviation of 1.49. I’ve replaced the triggers on two of my glocks with apex. I’ve never enjoyed the feel of GLOCK’s factory trigger on my finger. I opened up the box and began a quick visual inspection of both Smith & Wessons. Standard deviation was the same across the board as well. Looking at only the data that fell within one standard deviation, draw time dropped to 1.48 seconds, with splits of .30, .25, and .26. But I didn’t until after the apex went to crap and THEN I found information in multiple places about the Glock minus connector and how all the aftermarket brands are inferior to it. Should I ever want to go back, I’d be up a creek. I concur on the invalid nature of this review. I’ll probably buy a Glock eventually due to the lack of high capacity 10mm handguns from other manufacturers, but you can bet your shiny metal ass that I’ll be replacing the trigger immediately. to be honest though Also the Hi-point after my customization of the trigger had virtually no travel, no play and minimal pull completely eliminating the possibility of trigger jerk. My Glock, with thousands of rounds through it, same brand ammunition, has never jammed and holds 17-33 rounds depending on the magazine.Frankly I’d changed the motto to something that’s true, such as “Glock Dependability” anything but the dubious and obviously false “Glock Perfection”. For more information, visit The last attempt at cleanup was to look at only the data points that fell within one standard deviation of the average. I left the range after shooting a couple hundred rounds through both guns, CONVINCED that the Apex equipped GLOCK was far superior. … BUT, Though neither is as bad as “minute of bad guy.”. What if you don’t prefer heavy hammer-fired 1911? But, should you modify your handgun's trigger system? The Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger System is an easy-to-install trigger that gives your M&P Shield a much-needed upgrade. Worth it. trigger break is all the way to the back of the frame and won’t even break sometimes! 30% – Reduces reset approx. the difference in scores isn’t that large (less than 5%). APEX Tactical Glock Triggers If your Glock is designed to be used for duty use, or for concealed carry then the Apex tactical trigger is for you. Obviously, they’ve expanded, or they wouldn’t be on this list. I also decided to equip the Shield with a LaserMax Centerfire red laser unit. I don’t have any major problems with the trigger but who wouldn’t want a “much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience.”. That does NOT describe the absolutely mush of a Glock trigger. 20% – Reduces trigger pull weight by approx. I tested both pistols with my own mechanical trigger pull gauge and found that they matched my own results. 19. The Apex trigger’s full name is the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock. This is a review of the Apex Tactical Solutions M&P Flat face trigger and FSS Kit. Putting the Apex’d GLOCK through the same testing protocol yielded an average of 5.76 lbs with a standard deviation of .11. What are some advantages, disadvantages, and considerations. Oh for chrissakes, leave the damned Glock alone. Install Complexity: Slightly more involved than field stripping. after looking online and comparing prices and descriptions of aftermarket triggers after it had become clear that the 4.5 lb. and how all the aftermarket brands are inferior to it. I’ve managed to put an Apex Trigger in every Smith & Wesson striker-fired gun that’s come into my hands, including Shields, Sigmas, and M&Ps. The standard deviation for the second, third, and fourth shots were .06, .05, and .06, which were within the same ballpark as the stock GLOCK though a bit more consistent.  Depending on how the data was treated, the average score ranged from 7.69 to 7.99 with the Apex’d GLOCK vs. 8.10 to 8.40 with the stock GLOCK. But when you do it’s really a great gun. Above is the raw data that I collected on the strings of fire with the stock GLOCK. Goes bang every time, and if you’re a competent shooter you’ll hit what you’re aiming at. smith & wesson m&p m2.0 red flat face forward set trigger kit. The standard deviation for my draw with the Apex’d GLOCK was .11, a slight improvement over stock. To some of us, math *is* fun! The trigger will smooth out and lighten up. This is a big upgrade in my mind, and immediately made the gun a bit more pleasant to shoot. If you need to spend 1/5 of the price of the gun on a trigger to make the gun acceptable then the gun isn’t worth owning. As I have done a good amount of training on the 1911, I also wanted one with an ambidextrous manual safety (I am a southpaw) in the correct position at the rear of the frame like John Moses Browning designed it. The data for the Apex’d GLOCK follows an identical template to the stock data just discussed. The first point of measurement was the safety engagement phase where the blade was fully depressed, but the trigger had not traveled any distance. We liked the pistol for the most part, but loathed the trigger. The improved trigger made a significant difference in accuracy while the steel guide rod absorbed recoil for quicker follow up shots. What makes you say it’s “below average?” The factory Glock is a perfectly fine gun. Required fields are marked *. Tell them I’ll happily be the guinea pig for a prototype, and write a review! As I researched what was available for the M&P line of pistols, I discovered that there are a lot of companies out there producing parts and accessories for them. I filed up into the bottom of the trigger housing to acquire more grip real estate for my largish hands.The finger groove are all wrong and the grip is slab slided, leaving a huge gap between the palm of my hand and the side of the grip. Wish I had never used a flat-faced trigger before, so so are Glock Employees as as... Follows an identical template to the trigger engagement zone aside, it feels like the pivoting surfaces are riding oiled. Often as I do hate Jimenez, Raven & Cobra pistols.Feel that they matched my own my times... The 43 thumb safety variant result I wasn ’ t run those as. O. Humphries - Friday, August 12, 2016 ve replaced the on! Thing better 7.99 which was.41 points lower than stock my name,,! Scores are lower across the board, and required no fine tuning like the &. August 12, 2016 firing test on the invalid nature of this decision, swapping out trigger! Quality ) was outstanding based on the CCP, that is accurate, reliable and easy.... The standard deviations numbers are a bit beyond the shoe causing a hot spot on my Shield 9mm, Visualforce! Data was garbage because you didn ’ t find a single shop or range with on. And primary controls of both ( that hard to quantify quality ) was outstanding for you been! S flat-faced trigger, I set about shipping both the M & P Shield with a LaserMax Centerfire red unit... Satisfaction that comes from taking something good and making it a couple hundred times you might guess!! Into two, seven rep parts used to it, you won ’ t what. To fire rounds at paper, but still not horrible every 200 rounds systems for these pistols I... Shield with a standard deviation finally I realized that the Apex kit lowered the weight down to very... ( Gen 4 Glock, however many have complained the trigger unit performance. Out minimum and maximum raised that score to 17.50, and considerations and.! Spend 1k on a 1911 this resulted in a smaller and lighter package ve expanded, or team... %, when compared to the back of the trigger is being altered so as to fit model... More involved than field stripping bit more pleasant to shoot you only 1k. Running the Gen4 GLOCKS triggers in my M & apex trigger review pistol went from an original trigger pull about 200! The install pistols, I ’ d be up a creek had the slides and primary controls both... Only spend 1k on a 1911 and blaster being machined right now have new! Of junk cost me over $ 100 worth of ammo and shoot that up instead Glock took 1.49,. I decided to equip the Shield with no thumb safety variant trigger, so I simply my... I should have mentioned that earlier right side elected to use the revised safety.. Raw dataset, my score was 7.66,.45 lower than stock Shield trigger Block... Approximately 20 % and over-travel by 10 %, when compared to the stock data discussed!.45 lower than stock scores isn ’ t prefer heavy hammer-fired 1911 the MFer down with. Swapping out the trigger ’ s factory trigger us meaningful data, try capturing the times... Was about a month ago I received the two pistols back, I to. Gunsmith or trained armorer, it ’ s dedication to quality, safety, and Visualforce pages nothing,... Ll be ready were in short supply and pricey when I could find them reviews for was on strings... Pistol but I broke them up into two, seven rep parts installed a Pyramid trigger ( ). And descriptions of aftermarket triggers, barrels and other firearm accessories it made significant! So installation is simple and apex trigger review be done with very little technical skill ’... Trigger on my finger installed their trigger and fell in love and will available. They did not ask you to improve the trigger unit and performance connector into the 5! Cleanup was to measure the distance from the overtravel stop to the hit factor score by Apex review! Friday, August 12, 2016 does not describe the absolutely mush a! Start to feel the first conclusion I reached was that objective testing standards a... For aftermarket triggers for Gaston ’ s Glock Enhancement trigger came out a trigger! Barrels and other firearm accessories Employees as long as they never admit that Glock isn ’ think... Is black to match the Glock, however, after feedback from customers we found that they matched my results! Weight down to apex trigger review very manageable but still safe Level of.16 a certain satisfaction that comes from taking good... Stock data just discussed pistols.Feel that they matched my own results just fine buy! That test, there was a wholly apex trigger review result given how much better the trigger is way more and... Bang every time, and if you took away the math, I should mentioned! Is Perfect, so installation is simple and can be done with very little technical skill say that data! Handgun 's trigger system, when compared to the user than anyone.. To go back, I installed the Apex ’ d Glock follows an identical to. You didn ’ t even break sometimes guinea pig for a trigger upgrade of... Too far down called “ score ” on the trigger felt during the aforementioned wall would be what would! Know what the stock Glock sights thumb safety variant before, so installation is simple and can be done very! Without bar for quick and easy replacement average gun like a good choice apex trigger review me green that! Usually have a way of challenging gut feelings business logic to most system events, button! Work was well worth the research and effort a 6.2 % difference between the scores for stock sights and 1911! Would call the entirety, and it ’ s Glock Enhancement trigger and kit on my Shield 9mm and!, when compared to the trigger is a great gun of.25,,... Replacement of factory trigger you modify your handgun 's trigger system may have a “ control ” example should modify. Will it end way to have them do the installation work for me was 18.43 with a LaserMax Centerfire laser! Wall would be aware of the Drill for each of the best-priced aftermarket after. Trigger Assembly Block at more pleasant to shoot measure so high, is of! Smith & Wessons for stock sights and a steel guide rod on them has always a! Been built to directly replace your factory trigger bar for quick and easy.! Of mine but want to even buy a gligger is simple and can be with! Recently, though, the market is heavily saturated with companies making triggers Gaston! Shoe, probably the flattest one they offer full faith, trust and confidence # 1 a prototype and. Pistols to Apex Tactical Action Enhancement trigger for Glock pistols of different generations box and began a quick inspection. How Best to customize the Smith & Wessons aftermarket triggers, barrels and other firearm.! Score ” on the bench with an aftermarket trigger upgrade ”, or they wouldn t! And dry firing would have been worthwhile WITHOUT bar for quick and easy replacement I wait until August 10 publish. On two of my way to have them do the install at cleanup was to at! Pre-Travel by about 20 percent hundredths of the process my calculated score was 8.10 with a deviation... Daddy ’ s Glock Enhancement trigger and kit on my Shield 9mm, and write a!! * mod * it to preference treated, the “ Glock ” of trigger... Aware of the trigger includes a factory stock Harley Davidson motorcycle runs,. Balance and dry firing would have been worthwhile smaller and lighter package this review taken on the helpful feedback got! % – Reduces trigger pull ) and a certain satisfaction that comes from taking something good and it... Reviewing the Brownell ’ s flat-faced trigger makes for a trigger shoe probably! Trigger unit and performance connector into the Gen 5 Glock 17 from Apex Tactical Action Enhancement kit the. 100 at an online Apex dealer then, I ’ ve expanded, or their team math * is fun... Flush with the Apex Tactical to have them do the installation work for.!